Savvy mum shares 'game-changing' garlic prep tip which means she ALWAYS has it on standby

LET'S be honest – we love garlic so much that we'll often double (sometimes even treble) the amount a recipe tells us we need.

That said, the actual preparation side of it can be a total faff – which is why we're taking a leaf out of this savvy mum's book.

Posting on the Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia, the thrifty woman explained how she bulk buys garlic when it's on offer in the supermarket.

But rather than rushing to use it all up, she simply pops them in a food processor and freezes them it into cubes so she always has some on standby.

She explained: "I buy a lot of it then pop it in a food processor and blend until fine then add oil and blend until smooth.

"I pop it into ice cube trays and freeze then pop them out and put into a container or Ziploc. 

"I use them in everything but I don't have time to freshly mince some every time. This is just a time saver for those who need it."

Although you can buy minced garlic in jars at the supermarket, the mum claimed her "game-changing" method has a much stronger flavour.

"Minced jar garlic has nothing on fresh garlic," she added. "I can't stand the taste of the stuff in the jar."

What's more, the mum takes the same approach with herbs, chilli and ginger – and said they turn out "perfect from freezer to pot".

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