Shopper accuses Primark of catfishing her as she struggles to find basics… and she’s far from the only one | The Sun

IT'S full of bright and colourful clothes, perfect for summer.

But apparently Primark is currently severely lacking on its plain basics front.

One woman took to TikTok to complain after she struggled to find any nice plain tops in her local store.

Posting on the social media site, she shared a video of the numerous tops emblazoned with characters as she said: "Oh my God. Why can I not find normal plain T-shirts without something Disney, or Powerpuff, or any cartoons just plastered all over it?

"I just want nice basics!"

"Primark always catfish me like this," she added in writing over the video, while adding in the caption: "Plain please".

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And she certainly wasn't the only one complaining about the lack of plain basics.

Others admitted they'd grown so tired of the character clothing in the women's section that they'd started shopping in the men's section for plain items.

"I have to go to the mens I can’t cope with all this adult Disney stuff," one wrote.

"Here! Here! I totes agree I can’t stand it and grown adults be walking round in this stuff like it kills me ngl," another added.

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"Omg this!!!!!! So frustrating!" a third agreed.

While someone else commented: "I just shop in the mens section now."

"Literally this – the reason why I shop in charity shops or TK Maxx now," another comment read.

"The question is why are they making so many hideous T-shirts for grown adults," someone else raged.

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As another person wrote: "Or I find plain tops but they are cropped- even sweaters."

To which the poster replied: "Oh my gosh yes everything is cropped with stupidly long sleeves."

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