Single woman fed up with Tinder tries to meet future husband in DIY store but it doesn't go according to plan

A SINGLE woman who is fed up with Tinder has decided to go round DIY stores in a bid to find her future husband. 

Leesh Cunningham, from New South Wales, Australia, revealed she went to a huge warehouse to find love in a more traditional way than dating apps.

Leesh filmed her experience after asking people online for the best options to bag herself a husband.

While Leesh may have been hopeful to find “The One”, it seems that her man-hunting mission wasn’t very successful. 

The blonde singleton can be seen walking round Bunnings Warehouse scanning for men, but can’t find any during her trip. 

Thinking she has “picked a bad time of day”, she returns in a few days to find Prince Charming and heads to the plumbing aisle this time. 

Looking around for guys, Leesh says: “Gonna find me a plumber."

After not finding any men there either, she heads to another section, saying: “You guys told me to come to power tools. Nada one."

Desperate, she even asks a staff member if they have any husbands "in stock".

She can be heard saying: "I'm just looking for a husband and was told you guys had them here."

Seeing the funny side of the situation, the employee replies: "They're flying off the shelf, if we have any they'll be in the back corner on the left."

Leesh then desperately does a lap of the back of the shop, only to find herself without any men again. 

The comical dating fail has been seen by over 98,000 people, with many people keen to share their own advice. 

One commented: "Got to be there between 6-8am and 5-9pm, that's when the tradies get their supplies."

Another said she should open the bonnet of her car and park right outside the front of the shop to get male attention. 

A third encouraged: “Don't give up. I got my man from there, he's alright."

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