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AS the nation prepares to welcome in the New Year, many will take time to reflect on their achievements over the last twelve months.

And it turns out 2022 was quite the year for learning new things…

Throughout the course of the year, social media users took to TikTok to share some little known things that really blew their minds.

From what the symbols on hot water bottles actually mean to a very simple way to roll up a milk bottle, here, Fabulous takes a look back at some of the best revelations from the past year…

What the symbols on hot water bottles mean 

One of the biggest discoveries to come out of 2022 is that hot water bottles actually have an expiry day.

Yep, that's right – they last a maximum of three years before they become potentially dangerous.


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So, did you know the symbol that can be found on all hot water bottles?

Omm posted a video to TikTok and asks: "Did you know that hot water bottles should be replaced every two to three years?"

"Because I didn’t.

"All hot water bottles have this symbol, which actually dates it."

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She goes on to explain how the symbol looks like a flower and features a two digit number in the middle, which represents the year it was made.

For Omm, this means her hot water bottle was made in 2000.

And the edges of the flower represent the months of the year – with the dots inside each week of the month.

"So this bottle would be July 2000," she says.

"Tell your friends to change their hot water bottles for safety reasons. Don’t be like me."

Lid on sealed liquid products

A woman named Miranda O'Blenis, who posts under the acronym @plussizeincanada, took to TikTok and shared a video after discovering the hidden use of the lid on sealed liquid bottles.

In the clip, she begins: "Recently I've seen the most amazing life hack that's completely blown my mind.

"It's also blown the mind of anyone that I've shown it to…"

Next, she's seen holding up a hand sanitiser bottle before pointing to the sealed film that stops the liquid from leaking out.

"This little cap. Do you use your teeth? That's not very hygienic, is it?" she says.

"Do you peel it off and risk breaking a nail or chipping your nail polish?"

Sharing her recent discovery, she continues: "Open the lid up and use the cover right here – that little pointy part, you stick it on top of your sanitiser or whatever package you're trying to open with one of these little doohickey things."

Push down and you've got yourself a hole. Put the cover back on and you're ready to sanitise – rock and roll!"

She concludes: "So easy, stress free, doesn't chip the nails or get unhygienic in your mouth."

Simple way to roll up a milk bottle

Is there anything more annoying that a constantly overflowing recycling bin?

Well, if it's empty milk bottles that are always taking up space, then look no further.

TikToker known only as ‘sidneyraz’ took to social media and explains: “Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my 30s. 

“You can easily roll up a milk jug if you put hot water in it”.

In the video, he's seen filling up his milk bottle with hot water, before them attempting to roll up the bottle from the bottom.

And much to everyone's surprise, the bottle is easily foldable – creating more space for him to recycle other items.

Feature on takeaway boxes that helps let out steam

If you're an avid takeaway fan, you may have noticed a secret design feature on many polystyrene boxes.

But do you know the very clever reason for it?

Anna, who posts under the acronym @annalanier2 and is also known as the ‘CEO of Randomness’, took to TikTok and shared a video where she exclaims: "I'll be damned.

"Did you know these to-go- boxes have these little tabs so they can let the steam out?

Holy s***!"

She's then seen pressing on the small tabs that are situated on each corner of the polystyrene takeaway box.

This allows the hot steam to escape, preventing the food from getting soggy.

Anna captioned the post: #todayyearsold I lived my whole life not knowing this… Lol."

Holes at the bottom of knife blocks

If you're the cook in your house, chances are you often reach for the knife block on your kitchen side.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why the holes go all the way through?

The Life Hack Dad posted a video to TikTok and responded to a video shared by Pommy Mommy, where she's seen lifting up her knife block to see underneath.

"Am I dumb or did everyone know this?" she asks.

He then stitches the clip with his own video as he lifts up his block to check the underneath.

"The holes will keep out crumbs and water," he explains, alongside the mind blown emoji.

He captioned the post: "It makes so much sense when you think about it."

Little known fact about cereal boxes 

A woman named Francesca was left stunned when she made a shocking discovery about cereal boxes after a routine trip to her local supermarket.

In a video shared to TikTok, she exclaimed: "WHAT?!

"Did anyone else know that cereal boxes do this?"

In the clip, she shows the front of a box of Asda corn flakes, which feature three-quarters of a picture of a red bowl of the cereal.

She then places another box with the side next to the front – forming a whole picture of the cereal bowl.

Francesca captioned the video: "Mind blown."

Hidden extra section is for in shopping trolleys

If there's anything that will easily be squashed during a food shop, it's a bunch of flowers or a French stick.

But one mum took to TikTok to share her revelation after discovering a secret compartment on a shopping trolley that will stop that from happening.

Gemma Bird, aka Money Mum Official, says: "Oh my God, is it just me or did you realise these existed on trolleys?"

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She then shows the wire round sections on the end of the trolley that are perfect for putting long loaves of bread or fragile flowers in.

"I’m still in shock!" she says.

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