Time to get your love life ticking again from morning sex to evening tantra sessions

WHEN are you in the mood to make love? Chances are, it’s not when your partner wants it.

According to new research, men and women’s sex clocks are totally out of sync.

Females are horniest at 10pm while fellas feel friskiest at 7.30am.

The difference can cause tensions in and out of the bedroom, with 64 per cent of women and 38 per cent of men admitting they make love when they don’t feel like it.

The Sun’s sexpert GEORGETTE CULLEY has this guide on how to make things tick.


You would normally shower alone — but use this time to heat things up between you.

Spending just a few minutes a day naked together can do wonders for your libido.

Research shows skin-to-skin contact is vital for our mental, emotional and physical health and can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, putting us in the mood for love.


Usually you get dressed at different times. Change this by asking your partner to choose your underwear and put it on slowly in front of them.

Don’t let them touch you, just tease them by giving a glimpse of what they can rip off later.

Flirting gets the mind thinking about sex and that anticipation will make love-making even better.


Don’t grab a takeaway coffee on your way to work, make your partner one at home instead.

Studies show just two cups a day could dramatically improve your sex life and could help combat erectile dysfunction.

If they like it sweet, add a dollop of vanilla syrup to really excite their senses. Vanilla is a well-known natural aphrodisiac that can increase sexual desire in both men and women.


Brighten up your other half’s morning by surprising them with a sexy snap when they least expect it.

Studies show we become more aroused when we are visually stimulated, so sexting is a great way to get them in the mood.

Both working from home? No problem, work from different rooms in the house to build sexual tension.


Don’t mindlessly swipe through social media at lunch, learn some great new bedroom skills instead.

More than 165,000 people downloaded wellness app Lover to improve their sexual prowess.

Share what you have learnt with your partner by sending them a sexy voicenote detailing what you are going to do to them later.


Most of us experience a mid-afternoon slump around this time. Give your partner a lift, in more ways than one, with a cheeky email.

The mind is the most powerful sex organ so stimulate it by sharing your fantasies with one another. But make sure you use your personal computer and not your office equipment.


Normally you get in from work and ignore each other to stare at your phone.

Switch it off and turn each other on by having a kiss and a cuddle.

Just 20 seconds of hugging raises levels of oxytocin — known as the love hormone. This will bring you closer together (in and out of the bedroom).


Ditch Deliveroo and whip up a passion-fuelled meal full of natural aphrodisiacs to help get yourselves in the mood.

Seafood risotto is great because prawns and mussels are packed with amino acids that act as neurotransmitters to the brain to promote sexual vitality.

Bon appetit.


Ramp up the romance by running your partner a romantic candlelit bath.

Setting the scene is the key to great sex, especially in long-term relationships where we lose the urge for spontaneous loving.

Most couples experience “responsive desire” where they become aroused once their partner starts turning them on — so treat them to a sensual massage afterwards.


Forget your usual boxset and snuggle up to watch a romantic film together instead.

If you are feeling really adventurous, up the ante with an erotic adult movie.

Porn can be a great aid in the bedroom, but mainstream movies often focus on male pleasure, which is not always that enjoyable for women. JoyBear makes “sex-positive” films that are ideal for couples.


Before diving under the covers, practise ten minutes of tantra to help you focus on each other and live “in the moment”.

Synchronise your breathing and explore your partner’s naked body with your hands but RESIST having sex (for now).

While it may be difficult, this will help to build arousal which will lead to bigger and better orgasms.

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