Twins who spent £140k on plastic surgery to look more alike show how they looked BEFORE lip filler, nose jobs & boob ops

TWINS Daisy and Dolly, 25, from Stockton, spent a fortune on plastic surgery after being unhappy with their looks as teenagers.

The pair hit the headlines after appearing on This Morning to talk about their evolving looks.

Now going by the name "Double D's" the sisters make a living sharing nude pictures on Only Fans.

After seven years of lip fillers plus matching nose and boob jobs, the women look dramatically different.

The women decided to change their looks after bullies called them "Grandma".


Dolly said: “We were both born with white hair.

“People thought we were albinos and they called us 'Grandma'. We had white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

“We have been bullied all our lives but the big surgeries have fixed those insecurities.”

The twins' mum said that she felt they were beautiful before the procedures and found the transformation difficult.

She said: "I do believe there have been various things that have triggered this off. They got bullied at school because they were twins and dressed alike."

Despite the cruel taunts of school children, people were adamant that the pair were beautiful before the surgeries.

Writing on Twitter one person said: "Those twins were so pretty and gorgeous before the surgery."

Another said: "The twins on @thismorning have totally ruined themselves! They were so beautiful before all their surgeries! WHY do surgeons allow people to go too far?"

Meanwhile the "world’s most identical twins" share a bed with their joint boyfriend… and take it in turns to sleep with him.

And the girls revealed they have "visible scars" on their matching DD boob jobs… so they’ll spend £23k going even BIGGER.

Last month the girls revealed their plan to marry their shared partner… despite Australian law banning it.

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