We put mascaras to the test to see how they fair on volume, length & curl

WE often think being healthy is about getting the right nutrition and exercise. Another great way to look after your health is to reduce our use of toxins.

Many cleaning products use them, but I’ve picked three that are toxin-free and eco-friendly. Plus, our Beauty Editor puts mascaras to the test.


with Jane Atkinson


  • Neroli laundry liquid, £8.95, kinn-living.com

I’m so allergic to preservatives, I need medication if I sleep on sheets washed in strong detergents but this Neroli laundry liquid is non-toxic and made from plant-based ingredients.

No harsh, irritating chemicals. Smells of posh spas and, more importantly, it works on grubby clothes. I’m still using this.


  • Spruce spray, £12 for a starter kit and £2.75 for a refill, wearespruce.co

Changing to a Spruce spray could be good for all the family – as air indoors is up to four times more polluted than outside.

Mix a packet of powder with water in the aluminum bottle. It’s free from parabens and pesticides and smells of geranium and eucalyptus. Pricey.


  • Clean Living glass cleaner, £8.99 for starter pack, cleanlivingint.com

Clean Living’s glass cleaner starter pack features a reusable aluminium container, microfibre cloth and 30ml concentrate sachet.

It really does leave a streak-free shine and has no harsh chemicals, solvents or ammonia.


with Gabriella Stein


  • W7 Makeup, Oh So Sensitive Mascara (£3.95, w7makeup.co.uk)

Formulated specifically for those with sensitive eyes and skin. As a hayfever sufferer, it was great to use something that doesn’t aggravate itchy eyes.

It gave a fairly natural look and it spread the lashes without clumping or smudging.


  • Revlon So Fierce Mascara (£8.99, boots.com)

This is infused with lash-lifting polymers and paraffin as well as rice-bran wax to leave lashes long and strong.

The tapered wand has 252 multilayered bristles so it grabbed every lash, even my tiny ones that have been damaged with previous lash extensions. Available in three shades.

I used blackest black and I loved the formula for one coat – it left me with intensely black long-length lashes, but it wasn’t buildable for more volume. I tried to add further coats and I found it clumped my lashes together.


  • Fenty Beauty, Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara (£21, boots.com)

The wand features a “fat” side to enhance volume and a “flat” side for a defined curl.

I could achieve natural-looking long lashes with one coat or add more layers for a glam look.

This mascara does it all and is now the only one I use.

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