Woman accidentally texts her boss a very embarrassing picture – after saying she couldn't come in due to bad weather

A WOMAN was left mortified after mistakenly texting her boss a photo of herself enjoying a bottle of champagne at a party – just moments after telling him she couldn't make it to work.

Roberta Clark, 20, from Drumchapel, Scotland, texted her boss to tell him she couldn't make it into work due to severe weather conditions.

Drumchapel, part of the city of Glasgow, has been battling with plummeting temperatures and snow in recent weeks.

Roberta, an electrician, had been attending a gender reveal party for a pregnant friend in the town of Cumbernauld when her boss called her into work.

However, the young woman didn't want to leave the event and so told her manager that she wouldn't be able to make it, due to the heavy snow.

Unfortunately, just moments after shooting off the text, Roberta accidentally sent another message: with a photo of a huge bottle of champagne on ice.

"Dare me to pop that" she wrote underneath.

She quickly followed up the message apologising, writing: "I'm so sorry I meant to forward that to someone else.

"I'm at a baby reveal I'm so sorry was not meant for you."

Mortified, Roberta immediately realised her mistake and told her girlfriend, Shannon Watson, 21, about her mishap.

Shannon was left in hysterics over the incident and shared the awkward text exchange on Twitter.

Thankfully, the manager didn't call Roberta out on the lie and took the situation surprisingly well.

"She was left mortified," Shannon said.

“After she accidentally messaged him the photo, she got really worried but thankfully he replied saying, 'see you tomorrow!'.”

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