Woman uses CONKERS instead of washing powder – and claims her clothes have never been cleaner

A WOMAN has shared her laundry hack of using conkers instead of washing powder and claims that her clothes have never been cleaner.

Taking to Instagram the blogger Josephine Becker shared her trick for turning the horse chestnuts into a soapy liquid.

She explained on her Instagram that soapnuts have become a trendy alternative to detergent, but can be harmful to the environment.

Captioning the video she wrote: “A tutorial for DIY washing powder from chestnuts that you can collect right now

“Trends such as buying soapnuts, which are shipped over from e.g. India, is C02 intensive, harms local populations by driving up prices, appropriating their traditional-used items and is also super unnecessary bc we have our own soapnuts in Europe/N.America."

She explains that the conkers contain saponins which can be found in soapnuts and as she puts it “literally what soap is made of.”

The influencer demonstrated how she chops up conkers that she’s collected before submerging them in a jar of water to soak.

After soaking them overnight Josephine then sieves the conkers out leaving her with the soapy water.

You can then add it straight into the washing machine, as you would a normal detergent or if you wish can apply fragrance using essential oils.

Her video has received over 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments from grateful followers.

One commented: “This is very cool!!! Will give this a wee go ❤️”

“Wow I had no idea!” said another, while a third wrote, “Wow!! Amazing. 👏👏👏”

Conkers aren't typically found in washing powders or liquids, so we can't be sure on how effective they are for cleaning your clothes.

We also can't be sure of the long-term impact they'll have on your washing machine so make sure you do your research before trying this out.

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