You have a hawk's eyes if you can spot the snake lurking near swimming pool | The Sun

YOU could have the eyes of a hawk of you can spot the snake lurking near this swimming pool.

The sneaky serpent has found a perfect hiding spot in the bushes of this Australian garden – but are you up for the challenge?

The snaps were posted to Facebook by snake-catching company Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast.

The image shows a seemingly innocuous pruned green bush next to a swimming pool.

But the ordinary-looking image has proved a stark warning to homeowners that their properties aren’t as snake free as they once thought.

The deadly snake proved it was a master of disguise by concealing itself among the leaves before revealing itself to the world.

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It had social media users scratching their heads after they were left baffled by the image.

But did you spot it?

Several Facebook users initially struggled to locate the snake as they scanned the image for clues.

"Blue head in the bottom of plants," one user guessed, as another joked: “It's in the green plant.”

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"If that's not it, that looks eerily like another slippery head," a third posed as they drew a red circle.

While a fourth guessed: "To the top right near the bottom leaf of the succulent plant."

They company later posted a zoomed in version of the pic, showing the snake slithering onto the patio, just inches away from the swimming pool.

"Omg that took me forever!!" one user commented.

"There he is…cheeky little critter," added another.

Experts from the Snake Catchers group suggested that the reptile, which appears to be a serpent, may have been next to the pool for a reason

A spokesperson for the company told Newsweek: "Snakes will often use pools for reasons such as helping shed their skin or to rid themselves of external parasites.

“People can also help make their pools fauna friendly by providing equipment to assist the animals to exit the pools.”

"It's not just snakes that will utilize pools, other animals such as rodents, lizards and even large mammals such as koalas can see a pool as a valuable water source. Pool toys can help animals get out of pools.“

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Meanwhile, users were challenged to spot the deadly snake hidden in the undergrowth ready to strike.

Plus, how fast you spot the sneaky serpent in this woodland scene could prove how intelligent you are.

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