3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Nervous About Texting Their Crush, So Make The First Move

I am really good at writing texts to people I’m crushing on. I write long, funny texts; short, quippy ones; and fearless, flirty texts that lay out exactly how I am feeling. Actually hitting send on those texts? Well, that’s a different story. That’s because when it’s actually time to send them, my inner Virgo comes out and puts a stop to it. But then Virgo is definitely one of the zodiac signs who get nervous about texting their crush, so it’s not exactly a surprise that sending a first… or second… or third draft text is going to freak me out.

While it can be frustrating to be so shy about texting someone I am attracted to, especially if they happen to be one of the signs like Scorpio or Gemini who make it look so dang easy, at least I am not the only one who is on the texting struggle bus. Yep, there are a handful of signs for whom this particular challenge is going to sound painfully familiar. Signs who stare at the blank screen of their phone with a case of sudden onset writer’s block. If that’s you, then chances are you’re one of these zodiac signs.


While Cancers are very good at projecting the image of being tough and fearless, on the inside this water sign is actually extremely sensitive and shy. Which is why it may come as a surprise to people in this sign’s life when they get super nervous and awkward around someone they are attracted to. What they don’t understand is that Cancer holds onto past hurts, so it becomes increasingly harder for them to open up and put themselves out there — even over text. So, they are unlikely to make the first move. The patience that’s required to draw Cancer out of their shell is totally worth the effort, since this sign really knows how to love someone, once they feel safe too.


Virgos aren’t the most relaxed sign in the zodiac under the best of circumstances and when you add having a crush into the mix, get ready to see this sign go full Virgo. What that means is that every word of a text must be carefully scrutinized and overthought, drafted and redrafted, until Virgo just gives up and leans into their earth sign nature and sends something practical instead. Don’t expect a poem of some saucy text from this sign, but rather a message about them having a solution to a problem they noticed you had. Virgo is a sign that pays attention, and when they see a way to help, that is basically how they flirt. It may seem like they are being all business, but in reality this sign is all heart.


Capricorns are notoriously hot and cold when it comes to crushes. That’s because this sign is likely pushing back against their own natural pessimism and trying to decide if they are ready to open up their heart to someone. This sign gets shy about their crushes, because they fear putting themselves out there only to have wasted their time — or worse, feel like they’ve made a fool of themselves. Which is why it can sometimes feel like you have to earn their attraction. Honestly, that’s not far from the truth. So, don’t expect long winded romantic texts from Cap, no matter how attracted to you they are. Fortunately, this practical earth sign can say in a few words what may take an air sign a paragraph to say. While their texts may not seem flirty, if this sign is texting you at all, that means they are interested because they are giving you some of their precious time.

Yep, it’s not always easy to text the object of your affection, but at least now you have a better understanding why it feels so cosmically impossible. The good news is that while it may be harder for these particular signs, it’s not actually impossible. So, the next time you want to reach out to your crush, go for it. You got this, because you are even braver than you know.

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