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With cases of Coronavirus rising again in the UK, we've been reminded to keep our hands clean at all times.

This isn't always easy on the go, which makes hand sanitiser a useful ally. Make sure you always have some in your bag with our round-up of the best hand sanitisers you can buy right now.

Your first line of defence against Coronavirus should always be thorough hand-washing as it’s still one the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the disease.

In fact, a recent study showed that washing your hands six times a day makes you much less likely to catch infections such as Coronavirus.


  • INEOS Sanitiser + Moisturiser Hand Gel with Aloe Vera, £5 for 500ml at Amazon – buy here

INEOS is a hospital-grade hand sanitiser that is made from 75% Pharma Grade alcohol and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

The brand has recently launched its sanitiser + moisturiser range to keep hands both clean and nourished.

You can choose between an unscented gel for sensitive skin or one containing aloe vera and both are available on Amazon.

Formula One fans may recognise the brand as being the principal partner to Mercedes-AMG Petronas, too.

As we said from the get go, while hand sanitser can be a huge help on the go, you really can't beat washing your hands when trying to prevent picking up viruses and nasty bacteria. And INEOS' newly launched hand wash range is a cut above the rest.

If you've been using hand sanitser multiple times a day, chances are your hands are starting to feel dry and uncomfortable.

These brand new hand washes contain deeply nourishing ingredients to improve the condition of your skin and maintain a strong protective barrier, while also thoroughly cleaning your skin.

As an added bonus, you can choose between three delicious scents (Cucumber + Aloe, White Rose + Neroli and Sea Minerals) which help to fight stress and fatigue.

And  you won't have to spend a bomb to try out the hand washes for yourself, with each of the variations retailing for just £1. 

  • INEOS Hand Wash, £1 – buy here

2. Clinell

  • Hand sanitising gel, 500ml for £6.49 from Amazon – buy here

An industry-leading brand, Clinell products are dermatologically tested and routinely used within the healthcare industry.

This hand sanitising liquid contains a mix of 75% alcohol and moisturisers including glycerine and aloe vera extracts to leave your hands feeling clean and moisturised without any sticky residue.

It also comes in an absolutely enormous bottle, so is ideal for refilling your smaller ‘on the go’ bottles and helping to cut down on plastics.

3. Baylis & Harding

  • Unperfumed antibacterial hand sanitiser gel, 12x50ml bottles for £8.66 from Amazon – buy here

If your skin is sensitive to fragrances, buying a hand sanitiser on the high street can be a tricky prospect, as many contain perfumes to mask the scent of the alcohol they contain.

This one from Baylis & Harding is free from fragrances and parabens but still has a high 75% alcohol content, so it will help to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria without irritating sensitive skins.

Stock up with this bulk buy from Amazon – at a bottle a month for a whole year, it works out at just £1.50 a month, which is excellent value for money.

4. This Works

  • Stress Check clean hands gel, 500ml for £15 from Look Fantastic – buy here

This hand sanitiser gel from This Works has received wide praise for its non-drying formula, which contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and essential oils of lavender, camomile and neroli.

Said one reviewer on the Look Fantastic site: “it does not dry out my skin as other ones I’ve tried so I can apply it whenever I need to and not worry about tightness or dryness on my hands”.

The product is also available in a small 60ml size for £4.00 if you want to try it out before committing to the 500ml bottle.

5. Cuticura

  • Original antibacterial hand gel, 100ml for £1 from Boots – buy here

Quick drying and dermatologically approved, Cuticura’s Original antibacterial hand gel still sells out quickly but is widely stocked at most pharmacies and supermarkets so shouldn’t be too hard to find.

It’s also one of the cheaper branded sanitisers available.

Note that Cuticura’s packaging says that it contains 56.7% ethanol which seems less than the recommended 60% minimum alcohol content for a hand sanitiser – Cuticura states that this is a measure of weight (w/w) and converts to 66% volume (v/v) which is above the minimum requirement.

6. Carex

  • Love Hearts hand sanitiser gel, 12x50ml bottles for £12.80 from Amazon – buy here

Sanitising your hand is never going to be fun, but Carex is aiming high by bringing the same candy-sweet fragrances of its Fun Edition hand washes to its range of on-the-go hand sanitisers.

The Swizzles Love Heart, Strawberry Laces and Bubble Gum scented gels have been a hit with kids and tweens (and retro confectionary-loving adults for that matter), so these are hard to find in the shops, but can be still purchased in bulk direct from the Carex site.

Despite their jolly appearance and fragrance, the hand gels still contain the same bacteria-busing 70% alcohol content.

7. Dettol

  • Hand sanitiser gel, 200ml for £3.99 from Feel Unique – buy here

New(ish) from Dettol, this bigger 200ml-size bottle is an ideal size for families and contains 67.45% alcohol to protect you from harmful bacteria.

It’s also worth saying that unlike most other products, it has a screw-on lid to prevent accidental spillages in your handbag, rucksack or changing bag.

8. Neal’s Yard Remedies

  • Natural defence hand rub, 40ml for £5.75 from Neal’s Yard Remedies – buy here

With its appealing scent of niaouli, lemongrass and witch hazel, this product from ethical beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies smells more like an aromatherapy oil than a hand sanitiser.

Despite that, it contains 70% alcohol so is perfect for cleaning your hands on the go and will leave them feeling fresh and residue-free.

So what should you look for in a decent hand sanitiser?

According to the World Health Organisation, in order for a hand sanitiser to be effective, it should contain at least 60% alcohol.

This is because a 60% to 90% alcohol content is the level needed for hand sanitisers to inactivate viruses such as COVID-19, says Dr Primrose Freestone, associate professor in clinical microbiology at the University of Leicester, in a feature for Which?.

Which? advises UK consumers to check alcohol-based hand sanitiser labels for the presence of one or more alcohols: ethanol, isopropanol, or a combination of the two.

Thankfully, many high street brands contain an adequate amount of these alcohols, and so you shouldn’t have too much trouble in finding an effective sanitiser to help protect you and your family from infection – just make sure you read the label.

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