Aldi launch Easter egg range in February – and shoppers are divided

Aldi promote their Click and Collect service

Aldi released its Easter food range last week, which included many different kinds of chocolate. Coming in all shapes and sizes, covered in various patterns and prints, customers were delighted to see that they could buy some Easer eggs already.

“Who’s egg-cited about Easter?” asks Aldi’s website as the German food retailer showcases its Easter egg collection, featuring some products that have already hit shelves.

Aldi has chocolate Easter eggs for everyone.

However, the most notable eggs are the ones that are new to the range this year.

These are a beehive egg and a milkshake-shaped egg.

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The beehive eggs will not be available in stores until March but will be worth the wait.

They are made of a creamy blonde chocolate and covered with pieces of milk chocolate and honeycomb.

Carefully decorated with small chocolate bees, they come in an oval shape and have ridges like those of a real beehive.

Twelve milk chocolate and caramel truffles are included with the egg, which costs £14.99.

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The milkshake-shaped eggs are already on sale in Aldi stores.

These eggs are only £6.99 each and are perfect for children.

Shoppers can choose either a white chocolate strawberries and cream milkshake or a milk chocolate cookies and cream version.

The toppings include an Aldi equivalent of a chocolate finger, a chocolate biscuit, and crisp-shelled mini eggs.

Other chocolates in Aldi’s range for children include three stand-out eggs that come with a different cuddly toy in each box.

Sparkle the Unicorn and Danny the Dinosaur were first introduced by Aldi in 2019, while Sonny the Sloth became the latest edition to the Easter egg range last year.

All soft toys have returned this year with their chocolate eggs, costing only £4.99.

Other eggs available for customers to buy in stores now include Aldi’s £3.99 Moser Roth Ripple Egg and the £7.99 Moser Roth Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg.

Moser Roth is Aldi’s main chocolate brand, whose products are available in stores all year round.

The Giant Dragon Egg, costing £9.99 and made from Belgian chocolate, will also be included in the supermarket’s Easter range, but not until 7 March.

The Easter eggs available in Aldi stores have caused mixed opinions among customers, with some having already bought them but others believing early February is too early.

“Well I’ve bought one but I’m challenging myself to see how long it’ll take me to give in and eat it,” said one customer on Twitter.

Accompanied by a ‘face-plant’ emoji, another shopper said: “Too early Aldi.”

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