Aldi launches bargain £7.99 Specialbuy long hot water bottle to keep w

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With temperatures dropping, keeping warm in the home is essential, and finding affordable ways to do so is important, especially with the energy crisis causing bills to rise drastically.

Specialbuy long hot water bottle

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One of Aldi’s coveted Specialbuys, the Kirkton House hot water bottle is cosy, comfortable and extra long – perfect for the colder seasons.

Aldi’s huge range of Specialbuys is always growing, with new additions being made every Tuesday and Sunday.

With categories of Aldi’s products ranging from food and drink, to homeware, health and beauty, there is plenty of choice, and many of the products are priced with the affordability that the retailer is known for.

Recently, with the colder season upon us and with energy bills rising, shoppers have been looking for products that could help avoid heating the whole house while still keeping themselves warm.

The Kirkton House Long Hot Water Bottle has just been released, and is priced at only £7.99, despite the giant size.

Buy: Kirkton House Long Hot Water Bottle (£7.99)

The hot water bottle would make a good universal, affordable present or stocking filler this Christmas, but the popularity of Aldi Specialbuys means that it may not stick around for long, as often these types of products tend to sell out quickly.

As the product has only just been released online, shoppers can get ahead by purchasing it before it even becomes available in stores.

There are five colours available; blush, cream, dark grey and navy and it’s currently on pre-order, with an estimated dispatch date of the 13th of November.

Aldi offers free standard delivery on orders over £30, which is ideal for getting groceries and Specialbuys all in one place and without having to go into a physical store.

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