Aldi launches dinosaur themed paddling pool with a built-in shower for £29.99

If you’re looking for something to keep your kids occupied this summer but you haven’t got space for a pool or a trampoline, don’t worry – because Aldi has your back.

The supermarket is re-launching its dinosaur themed paddling pool, and it even comes with a built-in shower.

The Aldi Dinoland Play Centre costs £29.99 and is launching online this Sunday.

The pool is perfect for children aged three and over and features a slide, two inflatable rings and a drain plug for when they’re finished playing.

There’s also a built-in shower that can be connected to a garden hose and a landing mat.

The product description reads: ‘Turn your garden into an epicentre of fun for your children and their friends with this Dinoland Play Centre.

‘Providing hours of excitement, this inflatable play centre is a water toy with a difference.

‘Allowing them to splash around for hours on end while slipping and sliding, this is sure to keep them busy during those long summer days.’

The paddling pool was first released two years ago, and it’s being re-released for kids this summer.

And apparently, considering the cheap price, it’s pretty great.

One person who bought the play centre said: ‘My daughter had hours and hours of fun, an amazing product at an amazing price, couldn’t be more happier.’

Another wrote: ‘No waiting for ages to fill, my three-year-old old grandson was in straight away, in fact we couldn’t get him out.’

It seems like the Dinoland Play Centre will be a must-have this summer.

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