Armpit blackhead full of pus gets squeezed in grim video branded ‘so satisfying’

A nauseating video of an armpit blackhead being popped has made waves after an esthetician shared a close-up of the messy job.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @labelmelindsay, the camera zooms in on a large blackhead embedded in a shaved armpit.

Although the lump isn't particularly red, it looks like they may be an ingrown hair involved too.

Carefully, the esthetician puts her gloved hands onto the skin the side of the pimple and inserts a thin needle several times to make a little hole.

She then firmly squeezes at the spot until the blackhead pops out – followed by a stream of thickened yellow sebum.

The video watched more than 330,000 times on TikTok and while some people couldn't tear their eyes away, other people said it was "disgusting" and made them want to "gag".

"How do I stay on pimpletok y’all this is amazing," gushed one fan.

A second person said: "Anyone else find this really satisfying?"

"That’s so satisfying can’t lie," another person agreed.

Sounding jealous, someone else said: "Omg I wanna be the one popping it!"

"I watched this I kid you not 20+ times," enthused another pimple-popping fanatic.

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper was sprayed in thick white pus while popping a man's gigantic head cyst.

And a six-year-old lump of fat was finally eradicated from a man's scalp thanks to her hard work.

Meanwhile, a particularly nasty cyst was branded "cheese ravioli" when it burst open in the middle of a video call.

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