Audience walked out of Frozen musical saying casting is 'woke'

Nigerian-Irish actor Obioma Ugoala who plays Kristoff in Frozen musical in London reveals four audience members walked out over ‘woke culture silliness’ because the character is not ‘a darkie’ in the film

  • Obioma Ugoala, who lives in London, is starring as Kristoff in Frozen the Musical
  • Nigerian-Irish actor revealed theatregoers have dubbed his casting ‘woke’ 
  • Fans have taken to Twitter reassuring him that his talent is appreciated in show 

A Nigerian-Irish actor starring in Frozen the Musical has revealed a group of theatregoers recently walked out of the production because they disagreed with his casting. 

Obioma Ugoala, who lives in London, took to Twitter to call out the racism he has experienced while playing Kristoff in the Disney musical, which has been nominated for numerous awards since debuting in the West End.

He explained that he has been left in ‘sadness’ after hearing four members of the audience in their fifties who walked out of the show dub his casting as ‘woke culture silliness’.

Obioma Ugoala (pictured centre), who lives in London, has taken to Twitter to respond to theatregoers who’ve complained about his casting in Frozen the Musical 

The actor wrote: ‘#RepresentationMatters I love playing this show night after night at  Drury Lane playing a love interest in a Disney Musical opposite the cream of the crop of the talent the West End has to offer. It is the stuff of dreams for this little brown boy, and yet… 

‘For those four audience members in their 50s who left the show, bemoaning my casting as Kristoff as “woke culture silliness”, I feel sorry for you that this Nigerian-Irish Londoner selling ice with a reindeer as a BFF in a fictional land is a step too far for you.

‘I am sorry that in a world of Ice Queens and magic strikes, this “darkie” as you referred to me was outside of your imagination. Perhaps you presumed you were safe to speak of me that way, not feeling you’d be overheard. Perhaps the film has a special place in your heart.

‘My Afro hair and melanated skin beyond the scope of what you could fathom. But, sirs and madams, night after night, I see hundreds of children watch our talented cast of all hues and colours and escape into a magical world for two hours. I wish you had their eyes.

‘The world is changing, I dare to dream, for the better. I have had too many dreams promised out of my reach, rooms warned weren’t for me, roles beyond my imagination. I am glad a new generation will watch our show and feel invited to dream of bigger, better and brighter.

‘I am glad they will dream kindly and imagine worlds where we are all included. I wish you had their eyes. The sadness that you left me with tonight will be replaced tomorrow morning with the renewed zeal of one reminded we still have work to do. I wish you had their eyes.’

Obioma Ugoala (pictured) who plays Kristoff in the highly acclaimed production, revealed four audience members recently walked out 

Posting on Twitter, Obioma explained that he was left in ‘sadness’ by the actions of the audience members who left

The post racked up over 2,000 likes as Twitter users reassured Obioma, who previously acted for the Royal Shakespeare Company, that his talent is appreciated in the show.   

Since graduating from Drama Centre London, the actor has spoken out about racial injustices within the arts and has been a role model for others hoping to break into the industry.

One person responded to Obioma’s thread saying: ‘This is appalling and just not acceptable. I saw the show on Saturday and saw nothing but talent. An amazing Kristoff; an incredible young Anna. What is wrong with people? God forbid they go and see Hamilton! I, sir, am in awe of your talent’

Another said: ‘You are loved and respected and admired by so many. I feel so sorry that you had to experience that level of abject narrow-mindedness. Please receive my love tonight sir’ 

A third added: ‘I’m so sorry this happened, it’s disgusting behaviour that you shouldn’t have to endure. Your Kristoff is amazing and there are going to be so many children who watch you and see themselves on that stage. Keeping being amazing, so many people treasure you.’

A stream of responses to the Twitter thread reassured Obioma that his talent is appreciated and encouraged him to inspire others 

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