‘Black alien’ tattoo addict plans leg amputation after slicing off ears and lips

A man determined to transform himself into a ‘black alien’ has revealed that his friend kept his amputated ears – and says he plans to get more extreme surgery in the future.

Anthony Loffredo began his extraordinary project when he was 27, and is now coated in tattoos, as well as sporting a snake-like split tongue and reptilian implants across his arm and head.

The Frenchman is so dedicated to his quest that he has even had two fingers amputated from his left hand.

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And, speaking to the Club 113 podcast, the body modification fanatic has admitted that there may be more amputations to come.

After discovering that Anthony has struggled to find work as a result of his extreme look, the podcast’s host asked the tattoo addict whether he has ever kept any of his amputated body parts.

“My ears,” he replied. “My friend keeps them.”

Anthony revealed that he had also kept his discarded lips after various surgeries on his mouth, and began to address his plans for future modifications.

He continued: “My next modification is my face, that’s the next one.”

And, while the artist refused to be drawn on too much detail for his plans, he admitted that he was considering removing one leg from the knee down.

“It’s something really hard because I have a healthy leg, and an amputation is something big,” he acknowledged.

But, Anthony confessed that he did have a keen interest in integrating technology into his future projects.

“Do you like futuristic chips? I like everything surrounding this, it draws my attention, technology and the future.

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As an art-lover, Anthony described how he liked the process of his transformation to continually evolve.

“With aliens, no one knows what’s out there, there’s lots of films, lots of manga, so I take inspiration from everything, and it’s also my own creation,” he said.

“I have a picture in my mind but I also like to improvise. I like having more stuff on it because I also think if I want something I do it directly."


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