Black Friday Patagonia Deals 2021: up to 30% off NOW

ARE you one of those adventurers who believes there ain't no mountain high enough? Then Patagonia's high-quality outdoor clothing is a must-have.

Even better, you can find huge discounts on their products in the Black Friday sales, which is officially here. Read on for the best deals available right now.

* We may earn revenue if you click the links below and buy the products but we never let this affect our recommendations. Remember to shop around on Black Friday to make sure you're getting the best price.

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Best Live Black Friday Patagonia deals

Black Friday is finally here and so are the deals on Patagonia, ranging from women's, men's and kids' clothing and accessories. Be sure to snap them up quickly before they sell out. Here's our choice of the best Patagonia Black Friday deals:

Women's sale

  1. FleetWith Romper – Tracksuit, £79.99 (save £20) – buy here
  2. Stretch All-Wear 4" Shorts, £35 (save £15) – buy here
  3. Hampi Rock Pants, £48 (save £32) – buy here
  4. Capilene Cool Trail Tank, £18 (save £22) – buy here
  5. P-6 Logo Organic Crew T-shit, £28 (save £12) – buy here
  6. FleetWith Skort – Sports skirt, £32.99 (save £22) – buy here

Men's sale

  1. Venga Rock Pants, £51 (save £34) – buy here
  2. Back Step Shirt, £49 (save £21) – buy here
  3. Stretch Wavefarer Walk Short, £41.25 (save £13.75) – buy here
  4. Brodeo Beanie, £26.25 (save £8.75) – buy here
  5. Venga Rock Shorts, £42 (save £18) – buy here
  6. Nine Trails Shorts, £38.49 (save £16.50) – buy here
  7. Men's R1 Air Zip-Neck, £93.50 (save £16.50) – buy here

Kids' sale

  1. Girls' Down Parka in Furry Taupe, £112 (save £28) – buy here
  2. Girls' Insulated Isthmus Parka in Umber Brown, £104 (save £26) – buy here
  3. Baby Baggies Jacket, £44 (save £11) – buy here
  4. Boys Snap T Fleece Pullover, £60 (save £15) – buy here
  5. Unisex – Shorts, £9 (save £8.99) – buy here
  6. Graphic Organic Print T-shirt, £14 (save £13.99) – buy here

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When is Black Friday 2021?

The incredible shopping bonanza that is Black Friday always falls on the day after the American Thanksgiving celebrations (the fourth Thursday in November).

This year, that means it is this Friday, November 26.

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday is the online-only edition of Black Friday. It always follows on directly from the sales day, so will be on Monday, November 29 in 2021.

Often, retailers offer exclusive digital deals or last-minute offers, so it's your last chance to score a bargain.

What to expect from Patagonia's Black Friday sale in 2021

Based on previous years, it's unlikely that Patagonia will be offering Black Friday sales directly from its website, since the company places a major emphasis on sustainability linked to its environmental mission.

As part of that effort, they tend to encourage shoppers to go explore the great outdoors instead.

But fear not! Other retailers will almost certainly have fantastic offers on Patagonia products, so you just need to shop around to find the best bargains.

What was in the Patagonia Black Friday sale last year?

In 2020, there were major discounts to be found on a range of Patagonia products – so we'd hope to see the same again this year!

Cotswold Outdoor had up to 25 per cent off its outdoor range, and also deals on Patagonia products, such as:

  1. Patagonia Mens Love Mountain Parka, £216, saving £54 – buy here
  2. Patagonia Mens Down Sweater Hoody, now £162.64, save £67.36 – buy here

It's worth checking out all the outdoor clothing retailers to find the best deals, including:

  1. Cotswold Outdoor
  2. Amazon
  3. Add Nature
  4. Alpine Trek
  5. Countryside
  6. Hip
  7. Naked Ape
  8. Natterjacks
  9. Taunton Leisure
  10. The Sporting Lodge

And we'll bring you details of the 2021 Patagonia deals as soon as we have them, so keep checking back!

How much will my Patagonia delivery cost?

If you order from Cotswold Outdoors, there's free next day delivery on orders over £50. Read more here.

If you buy directly from Patagonia's website, there is free shipping on orders of £90 or more. You can find more information on the shipping page here.

Does Patagonia offer any other discounts?

Yes! There are some online-only sales, which you can check out here.

But Patagonia doesn't tend to offer other discounts, which is why Black Friday is such a great opportunity to buy their products for less.

How to wash a Patagonia down coat

A down jacket isn't much more difficult to clean than a pair of trousers.

According to the Patagonia website, to wash a down jacket you'll need three things: down soap, a front-load washer, and a dryer with consistent low heat.

If your clothing has particularly dirty spots (such as the cuffs or the collar), you may use fabric stain remover to treat them before washing. If the jacket is very dirty itself, you could stop the washing in the middle of the cycle and let it soak for an hour or two.

Once that's done, run it through another wash cycle with no soap to ensure that any leftover soap is removed.

To dry it, which is the most important part, low heat always works best. If you don't have access to a dryer with low settings, you might want to opt for air-drying.

To air dry it, lay the coat flat on a towel in a warm, dry location but away from direct sunlight. Just be careful to pull apart the clumps and flip it over every now and again, otherwise, it will take a long time. For more washing information, check the Patagonia website.

Does Patagonia make plus sizes?

Patagonia sizes get up to an XXL in the UK. Patagonia has an "Extended Size" range on its US website but unfortunately, that is not available in the UK yet.

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Is Patagonia vegan friendly?

Good news: Patagonia's entire product range is now vegan friendly. All its products are also Fair Trade™ Certified.

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