Blink To The Stars: Inside Tom Delonge’s $65 Million Multimedia Company

Tom Delonge started his career as a Southern California-based rock star who founded the influential pop-punk group Blink-182 back in 1992. He served as one of the bands frontmen alongside fellow celebrity rockers Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus. But Delonge belongs to the category of musician who expanded beyond music into multiple avenues of entertainment and ingenuity.

He founded several other bands including Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves, has written historical fiction novels that have landed him a spot on the New York Times Bestsellers list, and has directed several cinematic music videos, both for his band and a variety of other artists. But his latest endeavor is his most extensive to date. He founded To The Stars Academy which serves as a home base for a wide range of his artistic endeavors, as well as one of the leading programs researching UFOs. His team consists of several former Department of Defense contractors, members of the White House and Central Intelligence Agency, and principle engineers from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works. The company is touted as a multimedia conglomerate that compares itself to Disney in regards to ambition and has set its sights on informing the public through entertainment, education, and research, an effort that has landed the company a $65 million valuation.

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To The Stars Academy serves as an umbrella corporation for a variety of Delonge’s passion projects. They publish his works fiction and nonfiction, produce a variety of his experimental music videos, and serve as the forefront of information regarding one of Delonge’s most publicly known interests, UFOs. With a multi-faceted structure that funds itself through a self-sustaining revenue model (the money from the entertainment and publishing departments provide the funding for the scientific and technological research), the company can be viewed as an influential business model for other artists looking for ways to fund their multiple interests.


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The entertainment division of To The Stars Academy incorporates all different fields of the arts including publishing, television, film, animation, and music. They boast several revenue opportunities and strategies for creators including Licensing Fees, Merchandise Sales, Publishing Sales, and Music Royalties.

To date, the company has already published 17 different titles and intends to develop their properties into expansive franchises. For example, Delonge published the first book in the Sekret Machines series in February of 2017. Now, there have been several additional titles within the Sekret Machines catalogue including Chasing Shadows and A Fire Within. The series has also spawned another trilogy itself called Gods, Man, and War, each with its own book being steadily released through To The Stars Academy. The publishing division also retains the rights to several of Tom Delonge’s graphic novels including the Poet Anderson series and Strange Times.

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The platform released the music and accompanying short films for Tom Delonge’s band Angels and Airwaves. After announcing his departure from Blink-182 back in 2015, Delonge began to focus on his music in relation to his overall business structure. In addition to producing and releasing the groups latest album The Dream Walker and Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal, To The Stars Academy has also made the accompanying cinematic videos for the singles “Euphoria”, “All That’s Left is Love”, and “Tunnels”. The entertainment branch of the company also boasts an impressive list of professional partners including History Channel, Simon & Schuster, A&E, Cartel, and Striker Entertainment.

Science & Technology

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One of the more experimental  branches of To The Stars Academy is the science and technology division. Beyond mere theoretical work, the division boasts an impressive lineup of alum from all different branches of the government. The technology based section focuses on consulting and research and is headed by top officials from the Pentagon, CIA, Department of Defense, and Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. The goal of the company is to develop further technology and advancements related to Quantum Communication, Beamed Energy Propulsion, and Active Camouflage.

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One of the early projects announced for the conglomerate was the desire to develop advanced transportation technologies based on the information gained from studying and working with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, more widely regarded as UFOs. The potential device was depicted through a concept design released by To The Stars Academy. Steph Justice, a former engineer at Lockheed who now serves as the head of the Science Division at To The Stars Academy made a bold prediction about the device and its practical capabilities if successful: “This is a concept for an international point-to-point transportation craft that will erase the current travel limits of distance and time. It mimics the capabilities observed in unidentified aerial phenomenon by employing a drive system that alters space-time metric. We have glimpses of how the physics of this works, but we need to harvest technologies from the Science Division to ‘realize’ the capability.”

Bold Claims for a Bold Future

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With sights set on creating a multimedia organization on par with Disney, Delonge and To The Stars Academy are going to need some fueling beyond a list of top level names and lofty ideas. But fortunately for the company, many of their claims and groundbreaking reveals have been not only acknowledged but confirmed by the US Government.

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In 2018, To The Stars Academy released several UFO videos the company claimed were captured by the US Navy. After the virality of the clips, the Pentagon went on to confirm the authenticity of the videos. This resulted in a New York Times article that continued to support the statement that the Government could not give a definitive answer as to what the sightings were. The report also led to a variety of coverage on the subject in accredited press outlets such as the New Yorker, the Daily Telegraph, and Foreign Policy.

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All of the information Delonge has distributed through the To The Stars Academy platform seemed to culminate in an announcement from the Pentagon that stated the US Government was preparing for a mass release of highly detailed and now declassified reports related to some of their major UFO-related research. Set to be released in June of 2021, the report is expected to further vindicate a variety of Delonge’s previous reporting and disclosures on programs such as Coast to Coast and the Joe Rogan Experience. This might include the speculation of underwater submerged vehicles reported on radar, Delonge’s belief that extraterrestrials may already be on the planet in a variety of different forms, and his frequently stated belief that Greek Mythology might contain more practical information in regards to our genesis than merely a mythological viewpoint. With several moments of vindication under his belt, as well as the vindications of a supporting team of collaborators including Bob Lazar and George Knapp, To The Stars Academy might be the platform to break down and disclose some of the countries best kept secrets. And through the entertainment and publishing portion of the platform, the information might be easily distributed among eager consumers looking to become more involved with the developing technologies and scientific information.

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