Bodybuilder becomes latest to risk death by injecting oil into his muscles but swears his ridiculous pics are the real deal

A BODYBUILDER obsessed with looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Hulk is risking death by injecting oil into his muscles – but claims his pics are the real deal.

As well as pumping iron, Valdir Segato floods his body with a dangerous cocktail of oil, alcohol and painkillers called "synthol" to boost his biceps and pecs.

Ridiculous pictures show how muscle man Valdir has managed to inflate his arms and chest by 23 inches.

They are now twice as big as when he first started using the life-threatening substance back in 2013.

Doctors have warned the 48-year-old Brazilian he is dicing with death.

Some bodybuilders use synthol to beef-up the look of their muscles before competitions and have been told they face amputations if they continue injecting.

Last year Russian record breaker Kiril Tereshin revealed to followers he had become seriously ill from synthol.

Valdir, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, learned about the substance from a fellow gym addict and says it helps him achieve the superhero look he craves.

He injects it into his chest, biceps and shoulders even though it could kill him by causing nerve damage, infections, ulcers and strokes.

The oil does not make muscles stronger, it just makes them look comically bigger.

Despite doctors' advice, Valdir is too chuffed with his results to put down the syringe.


His muscles are now so huge many people assume his social media pictures must be fake.

He regularly captions his Instagram snaps: "NO PHOTOSHOP," but this does little to stop the bombardment of speculation and ridicule.

"Nice photoshop," one lad said sarcastically, while another wrote bluntly: "Your biceps are fake."

Others urged: "Please stop. u look so ugly."

Many more claim that his pumped up pecs have gone too far and look more like a pair of breasts.

"Do they bounce when you run like… I think you could totally have a Baywatch moment," one quipped.

While another advised: "Man ..u have to wear some bras."


As well as his photographs, construction worker Valdir regularly shares videos of himself flexing his muscles for his 18,700 followers.

Some fans warned the obsessed bodybuilder to "stop this synthol addiction."

In a recent Instagram post, Valdir showed followers pictures of himself before and after he started injecting oil.

The snaps display his dramatic journey from being a naturally muscly young man to "the monster" some have branded him online.

But shockingly others have encouraged his efforts, seemingly impressed by his muscle man look.

One man wrote: "Absolute beast of a transformation," while on a recent post another simply said: "Well done bro."

Some label him Hercules online and he has also been likened to the Incredible Hulk and He-Man.

You are killing yourself slowly and sacrifice your health for nothing! You need help ASAP mentally and physically.

Most fans appear to think he "started off OK" but has now "spoilt" his natural good looks, adding: "Synthol is no good."

One bloke in the comments seemed genuinely concerned about Valdir's synthol abuse.

He wrote: "You are killing yourself slowly and sacrifice your health for nothing! You need help ASAP mentally and physically.

"Believe me no amount of money and followers (are) worth it, you will not be able to enjoy all of it if your health (is) gone."

Despite all the doubt and negative comments, Valdir says he has absolutely no intention of ending the oil injections.

He remains determined to share his pictures and videos with the world.

His love affair with the substance seems unlikely to end.


Famous synthol abuser Kiril Tereshin, 22, developed Popeye-like arms after injecting the oil into his shoulders.

He told followers last year he was bed stricken and unable to move after "working" on his biceps.

"That is it, forget about me," he told his social media followers. "I was lying for two days in my bed.

"I was barely able to stand up after I started 'working' on my shoulders."

Tereshin added: "I am in pain, my mother is crying. I do not know what to do. All that is left to me is to rely on God."

One doctor said: "Not immediately but he very likely faces amputation in the future.

"One day abscesses will develop, then inflammation and he (will be at risk of) a stroke."

Another added: "Inside the arms of this man there are already pathologically changed tissues that looks like jelly with insertions.

"They are aseptic or inflammatory so far but these are abscesses.

"They consist either of oil or blood from the damaged vessels.

"They can't be removed."

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