Brit quarantined for 14 days over coronavirus fears ‘heading for a pint’

One of the 83 Brits quarantined for 14 days over coronavirus fears has vowed to 'head out for a pint a little bit later' after getting the all clear.

For the past fortnight the group, who flew back to the UK from Wuhan, have been kept in isolation as they were tested for deadly Corid-19.

All the tests came back negative.

Matt Raw, 38, from Knutsford, Cheshire, shouted "We're free… and the sun's shining" as he left isolation at Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral.

He said: "Some good fresh air and very, very, very happy that all 83 of us have tested negative for the virus and I guess now back to business as usual.

"It is absolutely lovely to be out and I'll no doubt be going out for a pint a little bit later."

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He added: "It has not been that bad because they have looked after us so excellently.

"The wonderful, wonderful staff of the NHS, they have really done their very best to make us as comfortable as possible.

"We're not prisoners. They're trying to make us feel like, if anything, we're just on holiday for a couple of weeks, maybe without the swimming pool."

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Mr Raw said: "I would say that 99.9% of us, if not 100% of us, are really happy to have been here. We're very grateful to have been here.

"The last thing that any one of us would have wanted is to have passed that virus on, if we were infected, to pass it on to somebody else.

"You have to live with that. If somebody does get sick from it and dies we'd have to live with that knowledge for the rest of our lives and of course that's not who we are.

"Most of us travel a lot, we travel extensively, and there are risks associated with that so we do take ourselves seriously as ex-pats and we want to be as responsible as possible and if that means staying in quarantine for a couple of weeks so be it."

Mr Raw said he was "ecstatic" when he tested negative for the virus.

He said: "We were ecstatic for ourselves but not just ourselves, of course, for everybody here.

"For 83 of us to all come back and all test negative was just absolutely phenomenally good news."

He said there were people who were "very anxious" about contracting the virus.

He added: "Personally, I've cheated death quite a few times on my travels over the years and I guess this is just another one to tick off the list."

He said he planned to go home, turn the heating on and feed the goldfish after leaving the hospital, adding: "It'll be lovely to be back and to see friends and family."

Mr Raw said he planned to go back to Wuhan, where his wife Ying's family are, at some point.

He said: "This could have happened absolutely anywhere in the world, it's just unlucky and sad it happened to happen in Wuhan.

"Wuhan is still home from home for me."

Mr Raw was at Arrowe Park with his wife and his mother, Hazel, 75.

He said his mother, who has dementia, left Arrowe Park earlier on Thursday and had gone to a care home.

He said: "She's not really totally aware of where she is and what's happening but she's certainly enjoying all of the attention to a degree!"

He said reports of someone trying to leave the quarantine facility earlier in the week were a case of "mistaken identity" as security had thought a member of staff was a patient.

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