Bryce Hall Ditched His 'Drama' Filled Persona After 'Ego Death' During Shroom Trip

"I took like probably 8-9 grams and I had the craziest experience ever and it made me think about like how people view me. I didn't like it."

Bryce Hall emerged from an unexpected vision quest a different person.

The controversial TikTok star has by his own admission fanned the flames of drama online while also finding himself at the center of internet gossip — from dating Addison Rae to feuding with fellow influencers.

But he recently underwent a transformation…thanks to copious amounts of psychedelics.

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During an appearance on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast, the Youtuber revealed that he’s adjusted his behavior and shifted his content after experiencing an “ego death” while on a wild trip after eating a hefty dose of magic mushrooms.

Hall says his psychedelic trip helped him realize how he was perceived by the general public, and “I didn’t like it.”

Podcast co-host Brianna “Chicken Fry” LaPaglia, admitted that she did in fact notice an active change.

“You have made a turn and you have changed a lot of minds. I feel like a lot of people including myself, including Grace,” LaPaglia nodded to her podcast co-host Grace O’Malley. “I was your biggest hater, I hated you so much I thought you were the worst…now I kind of feel like you’ve changed your paths.”

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“I did a bunch of mushrooms and it made me shift my content. It’s actually a funny story, like the reason I shifted my content and just my whole persona online was a shroom trip,” Bryce laughed.

“I had one of the scariest like ego deaths ever,” he recalled. “This is going to make people not want to do shrooms, but it’s like — I took shrooms with one of my boys… and I took like probably eight-nine grams and I had the craziest experience ever and it made me think about like how people view me. I didn’t like it.”

LaPaglia recounted her own experiences with facing an ego death, “Then you like think about how people look at you and you’re like ‘I know I’m not like that but everyone else thinks that’ and then you’re gonna have to switch it up.”

“It was crazy, like I can’t even put into words what I experienced,” Bryce agreed. “Now I realize I don’t need to do drama.”

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