Charlize Theron Posts First Look of Her Marvel Studios Debut in Doctor Strange 2

Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Charlize Theron.

Six days after the debut of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” Theron posted to Instagram the official first look of her as Clea, her character introduced in the mid-credits scene of the Marvel Studios film.

Theron’s casting as Clea had been rumored for the last few weeks as word of the many surprises in “Multiverse of Madness” began to trickle through the internet. But Theron’s post marks the first time the Oscar-winning actor has acknowledged she’s playing the character. (Warning: The rest of this story contains some light spoilers for “Multiverse of Madness.”)

In the film, Theron appears in full sorcerer regalia while Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is walking down the street. She tells him that his multiverse hopping actions from the film have caused an “incursion” between universes, which, as it sounds, not a good thing. After ripping the fabric of reality to reveal a portal to the Dark Dimension — i.e. Clea’s home — she asks Strange to join her to repair the damage, and he does.

In the Marvel comics, Clea is a fellow sorcerer with a lineage that traces back to Dormammu, the overlord of the Dark Dimension who faced off with Strange in the climax of 2016’s “Doctor Strange.” (In that film, Dormammu is represented by a semi-corporeal giant floating head, whereas Clea is, to recap, played by the flesh-and-blood Theron sporting smokey magenta eye shadow.) Eventually, Clea and Strange get married, but Clea must commute from the Dark Dimension to Strange’s reality, which, naturally, puts something of a strain on their relationship.

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