Chinese woman living in US baffled by homlessness and says her brain exploded

A Chinese woman who moved to the US has spoken of her culture shock over the number of rough sleepers.

TikToker @lialiu_chinese moved to Portland, Oregon, two years ago from China, and says one thing that "bothers me a lot" is homelessness.

"When I go out a whole street is covered by tents," she says.

"Then silly me asked my husband, 'Charlie are they camping here?'"

She says she was then baffled when he replied that they "live here" in the tents and don't have homes to go to.

The TikToker then says she was surprised because she used to watch lots of videos of Americans saving stray animals.

Lialiu says: "When I was in China, I saw videos like this all the time.

"Some Americans rescue stray cats, stray dogs, they say, 'I'll give you a home'.

"What about stray people? Do you want to give them a home?”

The woman says her American friends told her "don't make eye contact" with homeless people and "walk away".

Her "brain exploded" when she learned about the extent of the homelessness problem, she added.

The woman says in China you can call the police if you spot a homeless person and they put them on a train with a free ticket to their hometown where they can stay in a shelter.

She says the homeless get "social welfare" and food to eat and you don't need an address to get a job.

Her video was watched more than 1.6 million times and received 360,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

One user said: "As an American who moved to China last year one of the biggest culture shocks was not seeing homeless people living on the streets."

A 2019 article from the Economist claimed homelessness in China was becoming more common in cities due to privatisation of housing and the relaxation of rules on internal migration.

This comes a man says he is trying to sue a Chinese hospital that is treating his partner who fell into a coma while having an injection for her migraines.

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