Cleaning pro shows hidden area of toilet that smells and gets stained with wee

A professional cleaner has made people gag by revealing how much foul-smelling wee can get trapped in the toilet seat.

In a TikTok video, user @thebigcleanco demonstrates how to remove the toilet seat and find the hidden cause of the nasty bathroom odours.

Revealing her cleaning hack, she says: "Here's how a professional deep cleans the toilet.

"If you have little boys in the house or even big boys and your toilet always smells like a urinal, this one is for you."

She then unscrews the toilet seat to real the horror show of crusty urine stains that have been building up out of sight.

Displaying the grime in all its glory, the cleaner adds: "See why it smells so bad. Yes, that is what you think it is."

The cleaner tells her followers to disinfect the nuts after taking the toilet seat off so you can resemble it after cleaning.

Understandably, viewers found the post both disgusting and helpful and it has been etched more than 750,000 times and "liked" 50,000 times.

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One woman commented: "I sent this to my hubby and now he's gagging in the bathroom while cleaning it."

"Throw the whole thing away," said a second grossed-out viewer not wanting to take any chances.

A third joked: "Bye they are cleaning it themselves couldn't pay me to do that."

"Omg I need to do this but I'm going to cry the whole time."

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This comes after a man revealed his ingenious cleaning hack for getting a toilet bowl squeaky clean after his usual methods failed to work.

The bowl had a nasty build-up of limescale beneath the waterline and toilet tablets hadn't managed to budge the stain.

Meanwhile, a professional cleaner revealed the dirtiest jobs she had tackled, including the homes of people who left poo on their toilet seats and were surrounded by rotting waste.

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