Could the Hilarious Team from 'Watch What Crappens' Attend BravoCon?

The Bravo Gods may be smiling down on Watch What Crappens podcast hosts Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker. The gut-busting duo’s viral Bravo-fueled podcast has grown to more than just a cult following. It has become a movement that has fans begging for more.

During a recent flight, Bravo producer Andy Cohen opened his Twitter account for questions. Right out of the gate, one fan suggested that Karam and Mandelker be part of the upcoming sensation, BravoCon.

Cohen’s response not only got fans excited, but it also got the guys completely shook. “They are hilarious!” Cohen responded. The team posted Cohen’s comment on their Instagram along with the remark, “Major developments!”

Fans want more than BravoCon though

The singular question set off a firestorm of fan reactions. Many agreed that indeed the podcast brings you to your knees in uncontrollable laughter. Others demanded the guys appear as bartenders–actually, guests–on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “Bartend?? I need them to be the main guests! It would be the best episode of WWHL everrrrrr,” one person responded.

Fans were literally begging for the comedy team to show up–like anywhere. “@RonnieKaram and @benmandelker are comic geniuses, extremely smart, and have watched and recapped almost every episode of every @bravo show. They would be EXCELLENT guests! Please!!!!????”

Summer House cast member Kyle Cooke wants more of the guys too. He piped in, “I agree with this comment!” about having them appear on WWHL. Over on Instagram, Kate Chastain from Below Deck and Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules also asked for the guys to attend. “Omg i would love so much if you guys were there,” Madix added.

‘Watch What Crappens’ has a huge following

The podcast has been on the air for about seven years and has an insane following of  1.7 million loyal listeners. While the podcast typically centers on all things Bravo, the guys recently test drove a Winter is Crappening show to give their signature spin on Game of Thrones.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet interviewed Mandelker and Karam in April and learned the guys live for the laughter. “Ronnie and I have an insatiable need to entertain people,” Mandelker said. “My primary goal is to make money doing something like this, so that can really motivate you to do a lot of talking. Then when the show is over my brain fully shuts down.”

Karam shared what makes the show work well for both the team and fans. “We’re both born with the gift of complaining about things,” Karam jokes. “These shows are so silly but they are based on real-life issues. So everyone watches the shows because they can relate it to their own lives.”

Bravolebrities are fans too

Even though the guys are poking fun at the shows, they do it out of love. “We also don’t do interviews so we aren’t reliant on them [Bravo personalities],” Karam told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Or they come to us if they are listeners of the show. But we haven’t really experienced any backlash from the people on the shows either.”

“At the end of the day we are just recapturing that vibe of sitting on your couch with your friend and talking crap,” Mandelker adds. “We’re just cracking jokes. We would never want to be two trolls on the Internet.”

But there is always this worry, Karam hilariously jokes. “So I have this podcast dream where people I’m sh*t talking show up and try to kill me,” Karam laughs. “Dorinda with a broken wine bottle ready to slit my throat. We were at South by Southwest and I had a dream that Jax was going to show up at one of these and just beat the crap out of me.”

In the middle of a show at South by Southwest, Karam says they hear noise coming from the audience. The crowd parts and Jax Taylor appears from the shadows. “Jax is walking through the audience and just walks right up on stage,” he recalls. “He said, ‘Hey I heard you guys were making fun of me. So I thought I’d just come by and say hey.’ Meanwhile, it is crazy that Jax just walked up here and I want to scream and cry and pee myself. And run away.”

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