Donald Trump body language ‘tired and emotional’ while Ivanka ‘fired up’ for election day

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Ivanka Trump is one of the senior political advisors of President Donald Trump. They appeared at a rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin where they both addressed the crowds.

The Trumps made their final speech to voters before the 2020 US election, which takes place today.

While speaking at the rally, Donald seemed to take a slightly different approach to what he has before, body language expert Judi James explained.

She suggested he seemed more subdued than he has in the past and addressed the possibility of not winning the election.

The expert told “It was less fireworks and more of a subdued, ruminative last performance from a man who looked understandably tired and rather sobered by his fight to stay in the White House. Several of his signature traits were missing, most notably the traits of hyperbole and taking all the credit.

“The word ‘we’ popped up with regularity instead of the usual ‘I’ from a man who often speaks about himself in the third person like a hero or superstar.

“Trump also appeared to be reflecting on a potential loss. Instead of his usual bluster and boasting he said ‘If we don’t win…’ and his voice dipped in a way that almost suggested it was a possibility he was coming to terms with.

“He even jokingly blamed his team if they didn’t win and like a boxer who has quit the ring his happiest thoughts seemed to be about past victories.”

Donald appeared to put on a modest display compared to some of his recent speeches, Judi explained.

The President spoke about the campaign that landed him the political role in 2016.

Judi added: “Leaning on the lectern and clutching it with his gloved hands he gave a very personal and intimate-sounding reflection on what had happened four years before.

“Instead of gazing at the glory of four more years in power his voice softened as he went into what sounded like a stream of consciousness about Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama and what Melania said when the votes started coming in.

“Arriving tall and slightly hunched like a seasoned prize-fighter with his baseball cap hiding his eyes, Trump had produced a series of double raised fists to suggest an assumption of victory.

“But with a rictus-smiling Mike Pence trailing in his wake like a matron of honour, the President gradually became more reflective, offering a clamped, oxbow smile before saying ‘Another beautiful victory tomorrow’ as his lower jaw jutted in what looked like a query.”

While at the rally, Donald was joined on stage by his daughter and senior political advisor, Ivanka.

She also addressed the crowds and seemed to take a more upbeat approach to Donald.

Judi explained: “While Melania might be the epitome of Hollywood screen-goddess elegance as she appears at Trump’s rallies dressed like the star of a remake of Mash to add the family man spin to her alpha male husband, Trump’s daughter Ivanka has become much more animated and accessible as she echoes traits her father is famous for, like revving up the crowd with some smiling rhetoric and humour.

“Trump stands back to allow his chip off the old block her well-earned moment in the spotlight and the way he moves behind her rather than standing to the side and watching from a distance as he does with her husband, suggests confidence in her ability to get the message across.”

During her brief speech, Ivanka looked full of energy as she opened up on the election.

Judi claimed she praised her father and his time as President, which left him looking “emotional”.

She commented: “She seems to be fired up with energy just as her father might finally be looking rather tired and she appears to draw a more emotional and even modest side out from Trump as she praises him.

“Standing with his arms to his sides he performs an up-turned, mouth-clamp smile and even jiggles his head in a gesture of modesty as she tells the audience that ‘Washington hasn’t changed Donald Trump, Donald Trump has changed Washington.’”

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