Estate agent leaves Tinder matches laughing after begging for help with semi

Dating in this day and age can prove difficult for many.

Having to endlessly swipe from left to right in hopes that you may whittle out the frogs and find your true love.

So having an eye-catching profile can really set you apart from the rest – and, estate agent Steve James certainly did impress.

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Taking to Tinder, the lad was looking for help to get rid of his ‘large semi’ on the dating app.

But, you should probably take your mind out of the gutter as it’s not the semi you are probably thinking of.

The then 24-year-old described himself as “6”3 and carved out of f***ing stone.

“I’m an estate agent and I’ve got a rather large semi I need to get rid of…"

Tempted with aiding Steve and his semi problem, a woman named Rebecca was enticed with giving him a helping hand.

Cheekily, she replied: “Maybe I can help you with that semi.”

Despite what you may be thinking, Steve acted innocent and completely ignored the innuendo.

Steve messaged: “That would be amazing.

“It’s a two bedroom semi detached house with a conservatory, needs some work but a steal at £150,000.”

Hilariously, the estate agent even sent the link of the property he was trying to sell.

Well, you can’t bash Steve’s work ethic!

A screenshot of the profile and the messages have been recirculated from 2016 after being posted on Twitter by user @NoContextBrits.

Steve himself caught wind of the viral post as he replied under the username @SteveJmz, and said: “If you see this doing the rounds again, tag me so I can shill myself in the replies because I never get any credit for literally my only funny joke ever.”

Left in stitches at the cheeky bio, many people fled to the comments to praise the estate agent for his creativity.

One person commented: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Another user giggled: “The hustle never sleeps (around).”

While a third voiced: “Absolute quality!”

Someone else chuckled: “Two bed semi for £150,000? I’d be tempted to help him with that semi myself.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person stated: “Man, means, business.”


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