Fans Are Seriously Underwhelmed by ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5

Season 5 of Black Mirror is here. Fans were looking forward to the new season, especially since Miley Cyrus would be making an appearance. However, according to fans, this season was a flop. Many were disappointed and left wondering what even happened to make it so bad. Here’s what fans on Reddit had to say about Black Mirror Season 5.

Fans said the season was so bad, they didn’t recognize it

Black Mirror, is that you? One fan said this was notthe show she had come to know and love. It was so bad it was unrecognizable,according to her. Another fan agreed, writing, “This wasn’t the Black MirrorI fell in love with. These 3 episodes were good but it’s just not BlackMirror. I’m starting to feel like Netflix ruined the show.” Here’s part ofa lengthy Reddit post another fan wrote:

This was just…not Black Mirror. This was bad. I mean, I love the first four seasons. Black Mirror as a show is my favorite show of all time but this was just… bad. Episode 1 was interesting and had an intriguing (albeit unrealistic) plot and setup but they kinda squandered it by having it end with just everyone OK with what was going on? It was SO bad. I feel like Black Mirror has just been boiled down to “Media and technology Is bad Lol,” where it used to have real moral dilemmas, philosophical themes and real social commentary. It just feels so dumbed down.

Others complained Black Mirror wasn’t as dark as before

Fans of the series keep coming back for the dark plot lines.Unfortunately, this season wasn’t as dark as some would have liked. One fansaid she felt season five was watered down. She felt it was lacking the emotionaldepth that it is known for. “I missed the darkness this season. No realshocking twists, no endings that makes me want to curl up into a ball and justthink about existence. It was all pretty plain,” she wrote.

Black Mirror fans say the writers and producers are just running out of ideas

Fans agreed the writers and producers seem to be sufferingfrom a creativity drought. “A bit disappointed with the episode quality, to behonest. After season 4 I get this feeling that they are close to milking the wholedark tech idea dry,” said a fan on Reddit.

Has Black Mirror lost its edge?

Another complaint was that Black Mirror is losing itsedge. Viewers aren’t happy with the path the show is taking. Here’s what oneRedditor posted:

Netflix is slowly ruining the integrity of the show by turning it into a cliché. I’m purely talking about the storylines. The actors are in general doing a great job. Since they picked up the show it’s really lost its edge with only one or two good episodes per season. Smithereens was the only good episode and Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too was boring. Striking Vipers had moments of integrity and innovation but in general they are too afraid of taking the stories further and making a true dystopian nightmare, which in my opinion was a key part of what made Black Mirror a great show back when it was run by Zeppotron and Channel 4.

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