February 3 – 44 years since Sex Pistols Sid Vicious died

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The bass player, whose real name was John Simon Ritchie, was found by his mother Anne Beverley less than 24 hours after being released on police bail on a charge of murdering his former girlfriend Nancy Spungen the previous October.

63 years ago (1960) Addressing South African MPs in Cape Town, British PM Harold Macmillan said a “wind of change” was blowing through the continent as more African countries demanded independence.

The speech signalled an acceptance by the British that the days of empire were over.

25 years ago (1998) Twenty people were killed when a low-flying Nato jet severed a cable car line at an Italian ski resort in the Dolomites mountain range.

The plane was flown by US Captain Richard Ashby who was dismissed and received a six-month prison sentence for attempting to hide a video shot by his navigator during the flight.

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