Granddad eats meal at granddaughter's wedding beside tribute to his late wife

Sahrah Elswick was devastated when her grandma passed away on her graduation day.

It was a day that Sahrah knew she wanted to be there for.

So Sahrah wanted to make her a part of other milestones in her life, even though she was no longer with them.

It was also important to her granddad Billy Gray that his wife of 45 years, Barbara, was remembered.

On her wedding day on 6 July, Sahrah wanted to pay tribute to Barbara, who she affectionately called Mawmaw, as well as other people who had passed away.

So at the reception in her husband Zach’s grandparents’ back yard in Greenbrier county, West Virginia, US, Sahrah set up a rocking chair with pictures of both her grandmothers as well as her husband’s stepfather and grandmother.

She added some fairy lights and a note that read ‘We know you would be here today if heave wasn’t so far away.’

And when it came to the meal, Billy took a moment to eat with Barbara.

Sahrah snapped the moment and posted it on Twitter, saying: ‘Pawpaw sat and ate with mawmaw today at my wedding.’

Sahrah told ‘My grandma was the most amazing, kind-hearted woman I’ve known and I’m sure anyone who knew her would tell you the same. She was a beautiful soul. Although she definitely had the infamous red hair temper!

‘She actually passed on my graduation day, which was something she was so excited for because I was her first grandchild.

‘This was part of the reason why it was very important I had her there on my wedding day as her and I were very close.

‘The people in the photos were important people in our lives and it wouldn’t be the same without them “there.”

‘When I made the memorial I never thought of how big of an impact it would have but it meant everything to the both of us that she had a space on my big day.’

What a beautiful tribute.

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