Gucci sell £865 padded coat for babies which only fits for 3 months

Gucci’s latest kids’ winter collection features £865 padded feather down coat for babies which will only fit them for THREE months

  • Padded ‘hybrid’ jacket features in new season’s collection and priced at £865
  • It is part of the newborn Gucci range with sizes 3-6 months and 6-9 months 
  • Other items include a pair of socks for £30, woolly hat for £65 and a bib for £125

Designer fashion brand Gucci has released its new fall/winter collection for children with some eye-watering prices – including a padded, feather down coat which a baby can only wear for three months, priced at £865. 

The jacket, which is available for ages 3-6 months or 6-9 months, is adorned with the signature Gucci motif, as well as the recognisable red and green stripes on the arms – in keeping with colours which run throughout much of the fashion house’s lines.

Described as a ‘hybrid style’, the hooded coat has a detachable bunting which babies can put their legs inside to keep them warm in the colder weather. 

The padded Gucci jacket (pictured) for young babies is priced at £865 and for the hefty price tag, parents get a ‘hybrid’ coat which keeps their baby toasty during the colder months

The selling point of the £800+ coat is the removable bunting which can be attached using the buttons on the outside of the baby’s coat, adding extra warmth to their legs and feet. Pictured, the coat with the bunting removed

In the description on the fashion brand’s site, it says: ‘This down padded baby jacket has a detachable matching bunting that secures with button details at the front and back.

‘Crafted from navy GG jacquard nylon, the jacket has a Gucci logo stripe along the sleeves.’

The jacket with the whopping £865 price tag forms part of the Gucci children’s collection which caters for newborns up until the age of 12. 

Also included in the eye-watering newborn range, which babies typically only get a few months use out of,  are embroidered dresses priced at as much as £700 and a pairs of trainers with different prints on them, costing £400.

The coat is just one of the items on sale in the Gucci childrens range, including several staple items every new parent needs for their baby. Pictured: Woolly hat, £65, bib, £125, romper, £160 and pair of white socks, £30

Gucci is also selling one pair of stretch cotton socks for £30, a woolly hat for £65 or a bib for £125, and anyone hoping to buy their newborn a romper will have to be prepared to pay at least £160. 

Style and culture expert Nick Ede, of communications agency East of Eden, said: ‘The issue with childrenswear is that your child grows and you have invested in an item with a high price tag and little time to get the best wear out of it. 

‘The design and quality are always second to none and they certainly will make a style statement but they will and can look over the top and ostentatious certainly in the current financial climate.’

Some of the intricately embroidered dresses for babies also had a hefty price tag. Pictured: Pink tulle dress, £700 and green cotton dress, £665

Despite the hefty price tag, Nick suggests you get great quality design and fabric for your money. 

‘Designer fashion has always been about status and purchasing expensive childrenwear that has obvious designer branding is a way of showing off about your status and it looks great on social media too which lets not forget is a very important part of parenting nowadays,’ he added. 

‘I think its ultimately up to the parent but with more and more people being conscious about their purchases its important to keep perspective on spending on items that ultimately will only be worn for a few months up to a year which does nothing for the planet.’

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