Gym bunny takes pictures years apart to show difference gaining weight made

A fitness guru and Instagram influencer has admitted she feels happier after gaining weight.

Body positive babe Isabelle – AKA fitness4lazygirls – revealed that she started feeling a lot better about herself when she stopped attributing her sense of self-worth to how heavy she was and how she looked.

"I wish someone told me earlier that getting smaller does NOT mean getting more confident," she said, posting two mirror selfies taken about six years apart as proof.

She added that in that time frame she's gained 20 lbs, a balanced lifestyle and "a whole lot of confidence."

"Often, its the opposite For me, striving for constant weight loss made me more insecure.

"I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough and that I was always striving for a goal that I could never achieve."

She added that, in hindsight, there was no more weight left to lose.

Isabelle said: "We are always our own worst critics, and when you value yourself solely based on a certain number or look, I promise you will never feel like you have reached that goal. It will never feel like enough.

"My confidence started to flourish when I stopped placing all of my self-worth in my weight and my body image.

"I started finding fulfilment outside of the gym and stopped worrying so much about the number on the scale."

Isabelle's post has garnered more than 900 likes in less than 24 hours.

Many praised the self-love guru for speaking so candidly about body image.

One commenter said: "It's like we hate ourselves skinny and then wonder why we don't love ourselves? Gee, I wonder…

"Love this post. Such a necessary message."

Another wrote: "I love this post so much."

And a third added: "You look amazing!"

Earlier this month, Isabelle took a further stand against the fakeness of social media, explaining that the pictures you see on platforms like Instagram aren't always representative of real life.

To show how social media is more of a "highlight reel" than a realistic look at someone's life she posted two photos taken within seconds of each other to show how different influencers can look between takes.

In the first image, captioned "posed, flexed, good posture", Isabelle can be seen beaming in the sunshine and flaunting her toned curves.

But, by comparison, in the shot showing her moving between takes she looks more natural and displays her body's little imperfections.

She said she decided to share it to show women they don't have to look 'perfect' all the time.

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