Halloween jokes for kids: The 20 funniest Halloween jokes for kids

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Halloween is good fun and children love dressing up, trick or treating, and carving pumpkins. If you want to make the kids laugh on the spooky holiday, just tell them some hilarious Halloween jokes. Express.co.uk has rounded up the 20 funniest Halloween jokes for kids.

The local lockdowns and Tier restrictions have meant Halloween is going to be a bit strange this year.

Children can’t meet their friends for Halloween parties where they play apple bobbing or pin the toilet paper on the mummy.

That doesn’t mean you have to cancel Halloween and not mention the occasion!

Why not go pumpkin picking, play some Halloween music, and tell funny Halloween jokes.

Here are 20 funny Halloween jokes for kids to drop into conversation with your little ones on Saturday.

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The 20 funniest Halloween jokes for kids

How do you fix a cracked pumpkin?
A pumpkin patch

What does a witch use to do her hair?

What happens when a vampire goes in the snow?

Who does Dracula get letters from?
His fang club!

Why don’t vampires have any friends?
Because they are a pain in the neck

What position does a ghost play in hockey?

What do you give a vampire when he’s sick?

What instrument does a skeleton play?
A trombone

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What do birds say on Halloween?
Trick or Tweet!

Why was the broom late?
It over swept!

What is a vampire’s favourite ice cream flavour?

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?
He had nobody to go with.

What do ghosts eat for dinner?

What is a witch’s favourite lesson at school?

What do skeletons say before they eat their dinner?
Bone appetit!

How can monsters tell the future?
They check their horror-scope!

What do ghosts put on their roast dinner?

What did the ghost tell his girlfriend?
You are boo-tiful!

Why is there no music at a skeleton church?
They have no organs!

Why do ghosts like to go in lifts?
It raises their spirits!

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