Hey, Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope Is Here

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone. Let’s go!


I don’t think any of us really believed that the clock would strike midnight on December 31 and everything would change…or did we? Okay, maybe we did, just a little, deep down. The Hanged Man indicates that we still are where we are, and nothing is magically back to normal just because a new year started. We all have to work on facing that fact, and that’s okay. Life (or parts of it) may still remain in limbo, but this card is also a promise that this isn’t going to last forever. Settle into the ~new normal~ and use the time to prepare for the future. Better times ARE coming.


Aries, you’re playing people or situations against each other this week, but you this cannot be your indefinite strategy. You need to commit to one side or the other, and soon. The Page of Swords is fickle, and that energy doesn’t really suit your forthright personality. Make a choice. Act on it. Live with it.


Opportunity knocks, Taurus, but are you ready to answer it? Hope so, because the Three of Wands doesn’t hang around for long, so you have to move fast. Be the early bird! You love to take your time deliberating, but by the time you’ve decided on an answer, it may be too late. So be ready to say “yes” to whatever comes your way this week. Don’t miss out.


Gemini, what you need is a healthy, wholesome dose of wholesome activity. The Six of Cups shows you want to play, which is rejuvenating and healing for you especially—all Geminis have a strong inner child that needs attention and care. Catch up with an old pal, go back to a childhood hobby, re-read your favorite book from when you were a kid. Take are of your inner child this week, and your sense of peace and harmony will be restored.


Everything you touch turns to gold this week, Cancer—so take action! The Six of Wands is a symbolic magic wand, attracting success to you like a magnet. Where will you invest this powerful energy? Wands are all about things that inspire and motivate us, often linked to health, work, money, and hobbies. Maybe it’s time to apply for a new job? Make a positive lifestyle change? Take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try?


Leo, you can do more in a day than most of us can in a week. It’s time to add even more fuel to your fire and bring in new energy, people, ideas, activity, and commitments. The Two of Coins is a positive ~variety~ card, asking you to mix things up in your world. Get busy getting busy!


Stop biting your tongue, Virgo, and speak up about your worry or even anger! You’re being too polite rn, and it’s damaging you inside. The Five of Swords shows that your feelings are justified and they won’t just disappear. You need to say how you feel out loud (it’s not rude, it’s real). Stop trying to keep the peace, because it’s broken already. Maybe this relationship or situation is simply toxic. Speak your mind and step back. Find a better space.


Feeling adventurous, Libra? I sense that you are, with the free-wheeling, fun-lovin’, dynamic Queen of Wands. You’re in charge this week, and you can drive the bus wherever you want it to go. The problem is, do you actually know where you’re headed? Libra, you are an Olympic champion when it comes to overthinking and procrastination. Make your mind up this week, set a goal, and go for it. You can succeed at whatever you choose to focus on.


The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful omen of transformation, big events, and life-changing shifts. So, what’s happening? This week would be a great time to use this momentum and make a significant change yourself. Magical energy will propel your action with positive forces, creating a ripple effect across your life. Ready to play? Go ahead and push the wheel!


The tarot card representing Venus, The Empress, visits you this week and blesses your world with beauty, peace, and love. How wonderful! Make it last by using the good vibes to strengthen (or even repair) your relationships. Be present with people you care about. If you’re planning any deep cleaning or redecorating at home, then this is a good week to act on those ideas. Focus your energy on anything that brings beauty and harmony to your world!


The Ace of Coins is your kind of tarot card, Cap, because it represents long-term strategic plans. You know, the kind that don’t unfold overnight, but take weeks or months of diligent and consistent attention to really pay off. So, get started on your long-term game. What are your ambitions? Choose something related to work, money, home, or health, something you need to build on. Get ready to turn over a new leaf, leading you to prosperity.


You are a bit of a lone ranger, Aquarius. Although you’re friendly and humanitarian by nature, you actually prefer working solo. However, other people can’t be ignored, especially when they’re competing with you for something worthwhile. The Seven of Wands is a rivalry card. It shows that you DO need to pay attention to who is around you, and what they’re doing. You can win, but not if you ignore your competition. You have to know what they’re doing, in order to know how you can overtake them. It’s a dog-eat-dog world sometimes, Aquarius. Play fair, but play to win.


The Knight of Swords is kinda the opposite of your natural energy, Pisces. This card is adventurous, competitive, cut-throat, direct, and even abrasive. Sometimes we draw these challenging cards when we need a dose of their energy in ourselves, even if only for a brief time. Something requires you to toughen up and be direct, forthright, and bold. Put on your armor and go out to face this obstacle. You can overcome it! Remember that the Knight of Swords is walking with you, helping you project that dynamic, raw ambition.

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