Hinckley the Golden Retriever is the perfect big brother to his human sibling

When Hinckley’s family first brought his human brother home, he thought he’d got a new toy.

But he soon realised baby Theodore was something more special and he has become the perfect older sibling.

One-year-old Hinckley the Golden Retriever never leaves his side and the pair snooze, cuddle and eat together.

New mum Whitney, 37, from Boston, U.S., can’t believe how bonded they have become.

Whitney, who works in communications, said: ‘When we first brought Teddy home Hinckley thought we had brought him home a new toy just for him. He had been the centre or our world for a year so I can understand why he thought that.

‘Those first few nights, Hinckley would watch over Teddy from our bed while he slept in his bassinet, just watching his every move in wonder.

‘After a few days, Hinckley realized the ‘toy’ was in fact not his and it was not going anywhere. But from the moment Teddy arrived at the house Hinckley was obsessed and needed to be wherever Teddy was and apart of all his activities.

‘Teddy and Hinckley love to snuggle on the couch or on the floor during tummy time.

‘Hinckley joins every feeding. Generally, Teddy is on my left and Hinckley is on my right, it’s a special time for the three of us to bond and snuggle.’

The pooch even keeps mum in check sometimes.

Whitney added: ‘Sometimes when I am not paying attention after Teddy has finished his bottle, Hinckley will quietly walk away with Teddy’s dirty burp cloth and I can’t help but laugh.’

The adorable pair are set to spend their lives together, and Whitney is overjoyed that Theodore will grow up with his four-pawed big brother to keep him safe.

Whitney said: ‘My heart melts watching the two of them together, it’s clear that Hinckley is taking on the role of big brother looking out for the wellbeing of his younger sibling. I honestly can’t get enough.

‘Right now Hinckley is still unsure of what Teddy is but he knows he is special and he must look out for him.

‘I am looking forward to when Teddy can engage more with Hinckley and they can become best friends who have endless adventures together.’

You can follow the family on Instagram @hinckleyparks.

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