Hot carpenter shows off her work to defy trolls that think girls cant do it

A 'hot' female carpenter has defied trolls who believe her job isn't for girls by filming her hard day's graft.

Lauren Larsen, who posts on TikTok as @laurenlarson1, shared a clip where she admitted she once doubted herself in her career choice of working in a male-dominated industry.

However, she decided that she would rather be happy in her work than listen to trolls and has never looked back.

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In the video, which has gained more than 225,000 likes, she was seen wearing her orange and blue work uniform while in other snaps she wears shorts, a hoodie and boots.

Over the top of the clip, she wrote: "POV: You start a carpentry apprenticeship at 19."

More than 1,400 fans flocked to the comments to praise her for her how stunning she was in her work gear and told her that she was inspiring to other women looking to get into the trade.

One viewer said: "This is what I always wanted to do but was so scared that I would be judged."

To which Lauren replied: "I was worried too! But the way I see it- you’re gonna get judged no matter what you do… so you may as well be enjoying it."

Another added: "Honestly, I wanna know how you got into it because I'm lost and I want to start carpentry soon."

A third wrote: "Yess more girls in the trade industry! I’m a sparkie apprentice."

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A fourth commented: "I am a female concreter! I love to see us showing how capable we are!"

One person even dubbed her the "hottest carpenter out there" and described the video she posted as being "way too attractive."

However, some old-fashioned trolls still found their way to the comments trying to tell her she is in the wrong job, writing: "Not impressed."

A woman also said that she was afraid she would bet too "girly" for the job.

But despite working in a male-dominated job, Lauran still claims to be a girly-girl on the inside, as she added in the comments: "I’m still somewhat a girly girl don’t worry you got this."


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