How to get a free £5 Amazon voucher by downloading a money-saving app

SAVVY households can get a free £5 Amazon voucher simply by downloading a money-saving app.

The free app, called Snoop, launched in April and it reckons it can boost your bank balance by up to £1,500 a year.

The free app uses so-called open banking technology to connect to your bank account and credit cards in order to analyse the data.

It then uses a mix of artificial and human intelligence to help you make the most of your money by giving personalised tips on how to spend.

The app has teamed up with deal-sharing website hotukdeals, and will give 3,000 users £5 to spend at Amazon simply for trying the app.

To get the voucher, you must use this link to download the app, connect an account and still have it installed on March 10.

How does the Snoop app work?

THE free app uses so-called open banking technology to connect to your bank account and credit cards in order to analyse the data.

Open banking rules mean banks and other financial services providers have to share your personal details safely and securely – as long as you give your permission.

Once you're connected, Snoop will give you tips on how to change your spending to save cash.

This could include smaller things like pointing out a better way or place to buy your daily coffee or how to get money off your mobile bill.

It also includes bigger things such as switching energy provider and re-mortgaging deals.

Snoop said customers who take advantage of its money saving "snoops" can make their finances go at least 5% to 10% further.

Based on the median household disposable income of £29,600 in the UK last year, you'd save at least £1,480 a year.

Once you've downloaded the app via the tracking link, you'll get an email confirming details of the voucher.

The offer is available from February 10 until February 17 or until 3,000 codes have been claimed, whichever happens first.

Snoop told The Sun 1,000 vouchers have been claimed so far, meaning there are still 2,000 available.

Once the offer has been maxed out, the Snoop landing page and the hotukdeals offer will be updated.

If you're one of the 3,000 people who claim, the vouchers will be sent by email by March 24.

Sadly, you'll only be able to claim one voucher per person.

Eligible users of Snoop also won't be able to claim the Amazon vouchers.

The free app, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, is available to both iPhone and Android users.

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