‘I can’t pronounce my own husband’s name so I’ve called him baby for 3 years’

A woman avoided calling her husband's name for three years because she couldn't get the pronunciation right.

TikTok user @maybebrea confessed she still hasn't figured out the way to say her Swedish husband's name after years of marriage.

Instead, she avoids any awkwardness by calling him "baby".

In a clip she posted on her account, which has amassed more than 13 million views, she tries her best to say his name correctly.

The woman says: "OK, so I've been calling my husband 'baby' for the last three years because I don't know how to pronounce his Swedish name."

She tries with different accent and intonations, adding: "raGNAR? RAGna? rAgNaR?"

The video has attracted hundreds of comments from viewers giving suggestions to help her out.

One said: "Call his mum and ask about a birthday present. She will say it."

A second commented: "Ragnar from Vikings? Girl, just watch the series."

Some shared their similar experiences and said they couldn't pronounce their partners' name right with the correct accent.

"My husband's name is Vytautas," a woman wrote. "I also can't pronounce it correctly so I just call him Vyta."

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Another said: "Here I'm struggling to pronounce Jeremy right. He gets annoyed when I say 'Germie'."

In a second video, she asks her husband to pronounce and he explained how his name could sound differently if it's in different region.

"Here in Scandinavia, we call it Ragnar, or depending on where you are, if you are in Sweden, it will be raggnar.

"If you are in Finland, it would be something like 'rakknar'."

Viewers think the man was confused by the pronunciation himself and agreed that the woman should keep calling her husband 'baby'.

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