I hate my job as an erotic masseuse but have no other option

DEAR DEIDRE: I HATE my job as an erotic masseuse but have no other option. 

It’s the only job that pays enough to cover my rent, uni fees and debt repayments and support my unemployed boyfriend. He’s 26, I’m 22. 

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At first I felt empowered and convinced myself I was making other people feel great, too. 

Sometimes I give an intimate massage with my hands, sometimes with my chest, but sometimes the client wants a full-body naked massage. I strip off completely but never actually have sex. 

I feel used, dirty and even violated. And I feel guilty for lying to my partner. 

I told him I’m a regular masseuse, and I’m worried he’d be disgusted if he knew the truth.

DEIDRE SAYS: This job is undermining your self-worth and making you feel low so you must change things. 

You can readjust your life to ease some of the financial burden on your shoulders. Encourage your boy-friend to keep looking for work, too. 

Reach out to turn2us.org.uk who will advise on benefits you and your boyfriend can apply for. 

I’m sending you my support pack Solving Debt Problems which has lots more debt-reduction advice. 

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