I married adult star whos 25 years older – were in love but sex can be hard

A porn star opened up about meeting her husband in the industry.

Gizelle Blanco first clapped eyes on her partner Ramon Omar on set – and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

But there are pros and cons to starting a relationship with someone who works in adult entertainment.

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The 23-year-old, from Hawaii in the US, revealed it's been good to get hitched with someone who understands how her job works.

But she told the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast there are drawbacks too – including struggling to find time to have sex with one another.

Gizelle and Ramon met on a porn set and exchanged numbers – before agreeing to go on a date.

And even though they have a 25 year age gap, the pair instantly hit it off.

Gizelle recalled: "We hung out, he bought me a little box of chocolates too, it was cute.

"I think he slept over the first night… we were literally inseparable and didn't want to be away from each other for a whole week."

From the get go, both of the adult performers were understanding about each other's packed schedules.

They didn't struggle navigating any feelings of jealousy – even though they were sleeping with other people on set.

Gizelle said: "We both looked at work as work. It's a job, we separated it from anything personal.

"That helps a lot in terms of our relationship and we understood that at the very beginning because we did meet at work.

"Our fling was an exception on both of our ends – we didn't really have that before so we just followed it…

"We've never really had any jealousy issues."

Both Gizelle and Ramon are career driven.

But while this makes them compatible, it can make it difficult for them to make time for each other.

Gizelle explained: "He's always working and consistently getting booked… and there are times at work where I have a streak and I'm busy.

"So sometimes we aren't able to have sex with each other – and that's something we both enjoy.

"We enjoy having that time for each other, with each other.

"There have only been a few times where we have a real struggle.

"When we really want each other but can't really have each other because one person is either really drained, tired or sore…

"A break is necessary sometimes – and I'm glad we also understood that part of our job because we need that rest time.

"That's the only thing that properly sucks about performing.

"There are times where we're too tired to have sex with each other."

So what's next for the porn star couple?

The pair have discussed having children in the future – but not for a while.

Gizelle added: "He wants a baby, he's a very fatherly figure.

"Just the way I've seen him care for my nieces and nephews back home, it's adorable.

"It gives me baby fever like hell but no, I'm not ready yet.

"I still feel like a kid myself, I have a little more growing to do before I am ready to raise a kid."


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