Im sha****g my son’s ex-girlfriend, she says my lad never made her orgasm

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Sex with my son’s ex-girlfriend is delicious but dangerous.

He knows nothing about our love and would be desperately unhappy to find out I’m spending increasing amounts of time in the bed they bought together.

He’s abroad and I’m lying to my wife (his mum) on a daily basis. My wife thinks I’m setting up my own business.

She’s thrilled that I’m finally going to be my own boss, but it’s all an elaborate lie.

The truth is that the minute I leave our house for another meeting with “potential investors”, I rush straight into the arms of my 24-year-old lover.

We fall into a passionate embrace and every sexual encounter is hotter than the last. She loves my maturity, stamina and man’s body, while I crave her energy and perfect figure.

She says I’m the best lover she’s ever known and even thanks me for teaching her new tricks and games.

Apparently, my son was far from a chip off the old block. He never made her orgasm in the whole time they were together.

Should I be flattered to hear that? I don’t know what to think or feel any more. I’m a loved-up man in turmoil. I love touching her skin but feel guilty any time we’re apart. I keep muttering that I have to pull myself together and walk away, but it’s very hard when she won’t let me go.

I’m not being big-headed when I say she’s obsessed with me. But she is. Any time I suggest cooling it or calming down, she hints at blackmail.

More than once she’s threatened to tell my wife everything. She’s even talked about sending certain pictures of us to my son.

JANE SAYS: This situation is unsustainable and wrong.

You can’t carry on pinging between your wife and lover. Your wife isn’t stupid – she’s soon going to smell a rat.

Think about what you’re doing. I’m sure it’s very flattering that a young woman craves your touch, but she’s your son’s ex-lover.

Everything about this set-up stinks.

It’s worrying that your lover thinks she can bully and threaten you, but she’s not in charge and she’s not above the law.

She needs to hear that this affair has gone far enough and that you will not be ­manipulated. Get in first and tell your wife everything so your lover no longer has any power over you.

I’m not pretending any conversation with your wife or son is going to be easy, but it’s got to be done in order to break this cycle.

You don’t even mention loving this young woman – it’s all about sex. Sadly, you’re going to hurt and disappoint the people who love and trust you.

There are tough times ahead, but doing nothing is not an option. You took a wrong turn and now must face the consequences.

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