Instagram model struts around shop in nothing but a thong and coat in racy stunt

An Instagram model left little to the imagination in her latest prank.

Gitte Von G, from Denmark, works full-time as a data analyst but lives a second life on social media.

The 40-year-old bombshell boasts a whopping following of 59,000 on Instagram where she posts sizzling snaps to her fans.

And since she loves flaunting her incredible figure, the model decided to take things to another level in a recent stunt.

The beauty strutted her stuff in public wearing a tiny thong and green winter coat – unzipped.

Describing the experience as "thrilling", Gitte captured the attention of shoppers as she walked around in stiletto heels.

She said: "I generally dress quite sexy, but the feeling of being almost naked under a short jacket is nice, I like it and it's good fun too.

"I spent the whole day in my thong and coat. I always walk around the house in very little clothes, sometimes no clothes at all.

"When I had to go shopping, I just grabbed my jacket and jumped into the car."

Gitte even recalled men with girlfriends following her around the store while workers stopped and looked at her.

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She added: "The other shoppers looked at me, some even followed me around with their girlfriends.

"That's really funny and I kind of enjoy looking back at them just to see how they reacted.

"Most of them blush as if their faces were on fire, while others just quickly look away, some even gave me a thumbs up."

During her stunt, Gitte was approached by a store member who kindly assisted her with her purchase – despite the skimpy outfit.

The model revealed: "An employee came over and asked if I needed help and I told him I needed to find some drinking glasses.

"He kindly showed me where they were and we just stood there and talked about the different options.

"Then I picked the ones I liked, paid and left the store."

Previously, she played a similar stunt where she took her kit off for a different shopping spree.

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