Jenna Bush Reveals Secret Service Was Involved In Her 'Worst Date Ever'

Hoda Kotb had one for the books too.

In honor of Single’s Appreciation Day, Jenna Bush Hager let her fans know she had quite the epic fail on one of her dates.

During Monday’s episode of “Today,” the former first daughter revealed the date was with her now husband, Henry Hager, so things couldn’t have been that bad, could they?

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“My worst first date involved the Secret Service, let’s just leave it at that,” she said laughing. “It was with Henry and his car ran out of gas and went backwards and hit the Secret Service.”

Jenna said the couple were driving in Arlington, Virginia where Henry was living at the time when he noticed the car was almost out of fuel. He attempted to make it to a corner gas station that was up a hill, but it was too late. The car ran out of gas and began rolling back down the hill.

“He started to go up the hill and then booooop, crash,” Jenna explained.

Hoda Kotb gasped and then asked, “Were you scared or laughing?”

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“I was laughing but he was horrified,” Jenna answered.

Obviously, it was then Hoda’s turn to relay an anecdote, which she tried to avoid at first, but ended up setting the scene as a New Year’s Eve escapade.

“I was so excited, I got all dressed up, I never felt prettier in my life than in that moment and he showed up wearing jeans and a T-shirt,” Hoda began. “He was like, ‘Come over, we’re going to my house,’ and I was like, ‘Ew,’ and there were a bunch of guys wrestling a German shepherd and I sat on the edge of a chair and was like, ‘This is the worst New Year’s Eve.'”

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A shocked Jenna asked, “Wrestling a German shepherd?!”

“Yeah, it was like guys being like, ‘Bro! Let’s get more beer!’ and then I went home,” Hoda replied.

Despite the bad dates, both hosts ended up lucky in love. Jenna now shares three children — Mila, seven, Poppy, five, and Hal, 18 months — with Henry, while Hoda is currently planning a wedding with her longtime partner, Joel Schiffman, who she shares two daughters Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, with.

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