Jessica Jones: Why Erik's Villainous History in the Comics Makes Us Nervous

Image Source: Netflix

A few spoilers for Jessica Jones season three below, FYI!

So often while watching Jessica Jones, I find myself wondering if the writers will ever let the titular heroine catch a break, especially where her love life is concerned. Now, does Jessica need a man to complete her? Hell no. But it would be nice to see her in a healthy, stable relationship for once. (Though that can be said for pretty much all the relationships in her life, romantic or otherwise.) Fortunately, a potentially promising dude, Erik, struts into her life in season three, but his comic-book history has me a little nervous for my favorite ass-kicking private investigator.

The character, played by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter‘s Benjamin Walker, sits down next to Jessica in her neighborhood bar and convinces her that the burger, nay, turd, she’s eating is unacceptable and that he’ll cook her a new one. They go home together, but before the sparks can officially start flying, a masked man knocks on the door of Alias Investigations and takes Jessica by surprise by stabbing her in the stomach. It’s a deep, near-fatal wound that leaves her without a spleen, so she doesn’t end up reconnecting with Erik until a few episodes later.

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