Kenneth Noye freed from prison after serving almost 20 years for M25 murder

Road rage killer Kenneth Noye has been released from prison.

The former gangster served nearly 20 years for the fatal stabbing of Stephen Cameron, 21, on an M25 slip road near Swanley, Kent, in 1996.

The two cars had an altercation on the road on May 19 before both came to a halt. Noye then stabbed Mr Cameron to death on the roadside.

The brutal murder took place in front of Mr Cameron's 17-year-old fiancée Danielle Cable while Noye was on licence from a previous jail term. Noye immediately fled the country.

It was not his first outburst of brutality.

In 1985 he was acquitted of the murder of a police officer at the grounds of his home, claiming self defence.

One year later he was convicted of handling stolen goods in relation to a robbery at Brink's-Mat in 1983.

He served eight years of a 14-year sentence before being released.

The Ministry of Justice said in a statement: "We understand this will be a distressing decision for the family of Stephen Cameron and our thoughts remain with them.

"Like all life sentence prisoners released by the independent Parole Board, Kenneth Noye will be on licence for the remainder of his life, subject to strict conditions and faces a return to prison should he fail to comply."

The Parole Board confirmed last month that Noye's release from an open jail had been approved after it ruled he was no longer a 'significant risk to the public'.

The victim's father Ken Cameron, 72, said Noye should die behind bars. 

Reacting to the decision last month, he said: "I'm totally devastated. I can't believe they have made this decision. Life should mean life.

"I hoped this day would never come. I sort of knew it was coming, though – I was almost resigned to it. But it is still a complete kick in the teeth."

Following the attack, Noye arranged for the Land Rover he was driving to be scrapped and an identical vehicle placed on the drive of his £400,000 home.

He then fled to France using a helicopter and used a private jet to reach the Spanish capital Madrid.

Noye travelled on to the Canaries and the Ivory Coast before going into hiding under an assumed named near Cadiz on the Costa del crime.

By 1998 he had a Spanish girlfriend and was posing as “Mickey the Builder”.

When police eventually traced him, grieving Miss Cable was taken to a restaurant in Spain where Noye was eating.

“That’s the man who killed Stephen,” she whispered.

The next day Noye was ­arrested. He was tried at the Old Bailey.

Former career criminal Noye, once acquitted of murdering a policeman after claiming self-defence, has been at Standford Hill open prison in Kent for the past 18 months – just 30 miles from his victim's father.

­Retired Det Supt Nick Biddiss, who helped bring Noye to justice, warned he could still cause mayhem, even after serving 21 years in jail.

When asked if he thinks Noye would be looking to settle old scores, he said: “You never know. I would like to think he would not but I would not put it past him. I would not trust him. I would not rule it out.

“There is certainly a risk he would commit ­further crime.

“Wait until he gets outside and ­somebody upsets him. Crime is in his DNA – that will carry on. He has a ­criminal network of ­connections and there is no doubt he still has these.

“I can’t see him being allowed to leave the ­country. His travel should be banned. I would imagine it will not be allowed.”

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