Kyle Richards Implies Lisa Vanderpump’s A Liar & Denise Richards Says She Should’ve Attended Reunion

The June 11 episode of ‘WWHL’ was a wild one, when Kyle Richards and Denise Richards both took shots at their former ‘RHOBH’ co-star, Lisa Vanderpump.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started freaking out on Twitter during the June 11 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, after Kyle Richards implied that Lisa Vanderpump‘s a liar. During her own appearance on WWHL earlier this season, Lisa Vanderpump said that she didn’t watch this season of RHOBH, and at the time, Andy Cohen told her that she should be watch it because she might feel differently about Kyle if she saw how much Kyle was defending her during all the “Puppygate” drama. So then, when Kyle appeared on Tuesday night’s episode, Andy asked her if she thought things might be different if Lisa had watched this season of RHOBH. But Kyle appeared confused, and she said that Lisa must watch the show because she tweets “about every episode”.

Immediately after Kyle made the remark, Lisa’s fans went wild on Twitter. “So @KyleRichards said on #WWHL that she thinks @LisaVanderpump is watching the show because she tweets about it. She is replying to tweets to her about the show. Completely different then watching it. #WWHL @Andy,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Ummm no Kyle @LisaVanderpump doesn’t tweet about every show. We her fans give her insight on the shit you women say and she responds. Just another crack at her huh. You seem to not be able to stop at whatever chance you get to put her down now.”

Then, when Andy asked Denise Richards how she felt about Lisa not attending the reunion, Denise said that when someone commits to a job, they should fulfill their obligations — and for Lisa, as well as the rest of the Season 9 cast of RHOBH, that meant attending this season’s reunion, which taped on June 5. Every cast member attended except for Lisa, who announced she was quitting the show 24 hours before the cast reunited for the TV special.

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