McDonald’s fans rave about secret menu hack that makes super creamy coffee

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A McDonald's fan was blown away when he tried a new coffee hack that makes drinks much creamier.

The "McBassett" secret menu item involves putting a soft serve ice cream cone into an iced coffee.

Apparently, it creates the same velvety and soft texture of popular Dalgona coffees without the need to work on your arm muscles by whisking it up.

TikTok user Adrian, who is based in Australia, learned about this hack online and said it went viral in southeast Asian countries like South Korea and Malaysia.

In a video he posted on April 7, which has more than 56,000 views, he checks if the trick actually works.

Adrian visits a McDonald's restaurant in Hurlstone Park, New South Wales, and orders an iced latte drink and a soft serve ice cream.

He removes the lid and dips the ice cream into the cold drink.

Similar to the Italian dessert affogato, the McBassett gives a creamy texture to the drink when the ice cream melts.

"I made a little bit of a mess but I cleaned it up," Adrian says.

"Basically it's ice latte with soft serve dunked in it. It's so good."

Viewers were keen to try it and some said it's a "genius" idea.

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One said: "We literally just did this last night with the frappe and McFlurry."

"Heading to Maccas," a second wrote.

And a third commented: "That's genius. Another Maccas hack you've made me get up and go to Maccas to try."

Some, however, pointed out the similarities to affogato – an espresso drink topped with ice cream – but Adrian jokingly said: "It's aesthetically not as pleasing though."

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