Meghan's friend Priyanka Chopra 'ignores' Cambridges at Wimbledon

A royal snub? Moment Meghan Markle’s friend Priyanka Chopra ‘ignored’ clapping for Prince William and Kate Middleton they took their seats at Wimbledon

Meghan Markle’s friend Priyanka Chopra appeared to ‘ignore’ Prince William and Kate Middleton as they were clapped into the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

In a newly emerged clip, the actress, 38, opted to fiddle with her scarf as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their seats to rapturous applause from the crowd ahead of the Women’s Singles Final on Saturday. 

Several royal watchers suggested it was a snub after the Duchess of Sussex made remarks about Kate during her Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meghan claimed Kate made her cry over during a bridesmaid dress fitting ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry – after it was previously suggested it was the other way around.

She also claimed ‘conversations’ were had with a member of the Royal Family around the colour of Meghan’s unborn child’s skin. 

Remarking on Priyanka’s reaction to the Cambridges at Wimbledon, one said: ‘The way Priyanka did not even look in their direction is enough for me.’

Another added: ‘She totally ignored them. I would do the same if my friend was mistreated’, while a third wrote: ‘I would ignore them as well.’

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